Room 5

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A short story of Kaelis, cleric of Vaiva (or Shawkenesis). This was mildly inspired by him being locked in an inn room, and mildly inspired by the work of Stephen King.

Submitted: August 01, 2008

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Submitted: August 01, 2008



It was late, and Kaelis was tired. He had been spent the last three days without rest, hiding out in the mountains, pursued by a large group of frost giants. He had

finally escaped and managed to make his way back to Tanamerah, and the only thing he wanted was to sleep. He stumbled into the Inn of the Comfortable

Saddle, and walked over to the innkeeper. "A room" he said. "Just give me one, I don't care which." He handed over some gold, and the innkeeper replied "Of

courseMaster Jarinthar. Room number 5 is open. Taking the key the innkeeper held out, Kaelis slowly trudged up the stairs, ready for nothing more than peace

and rest. He found his room and inserted the key to open the door. But when he pushed, it remained stuck. He grunted, then slammed it once with his arm. The

door flew open, and he walked inside, pulling the key out and locking the door behind him as he closed it. He looked around the room, noting that it was furnished

fairly comfortably. He turned to the bed and began removing his armor, carefully placing each piece to the side. He took time to lean his shield and blade against

the wall, then he felt something was wrong. He spun around immediately, to find.... nothing. He walked over to the door and checked it, ensuring it was locked. It

was, so he turned back to the bed, then immediately took a step back. His armor, which he had simply piled on the floor, was now neatly lain out, as if being worn

by an invisible person lying on the floor. He looked closer, noting that something was wrong in the layout. His helm was next to where feet would be, and his

sword had been stabbed into the floor point first, where his head would have been. He grasped the blade and attempted to pull it from the floor, but it remained

stuck. Taking a deep breath, he heaved with all his might, and the sword came loose. He leaned forward to examine it, and suddenly dropped it. Blood covered

the blade, fresh blood. He stared down at his weapon. "That's...... impossible," he muttered, taking a step back. "What is this?" A moan came from behind him,

and he spun about instantly. A woman stood behind him, clothed in a blue dress, her long, golden hair flowing about her. The blood drained from Kaelis' face, and

he stuttered "Tri.....Trista?" The shadows in the room deepened, and from one of the walls came an immense hand of night, which grabbed the woman. "Trista!"

Kaelis screamed as he dove forward. But the hand vanished into the wall, carrying its burden with it. Standing back up, Kaelis searched the room frantically.

"Trista? Trista?" he cried. The walls changed again, into mirrors showing various images. Kaelis turned rapidly, attempting to keep track of all of them, all of the

Trista's he could see. Here, she was torn apart and devoured by a horde of demons. There, she was flayed with chains of flame, then speared through with

massive stakes. In a third place, her bones were shattered and broken one at a time, then she was drowned. Kaelis fell to his knees, weeping. "Trista, I am so

sorry Trista.... I have done my best......" he cried. Through blurry eyes, he looked up, yelling out "Vaiva! Aid me, I beg of you!" He felt power surge through his veins,

but it lasted only a second before fading. The comforting touch of his deity was lost to him, and his pleas were useless. Lying on the floor, Kaelis could do nothing

but listen to the screams of his beloved, echoing all around him. Suddenly, new determination filled him, and he pulled himself to his feet, uttering a single word.

"No." Screaming in rage and heartbreak, he whipped his hands through the air, and fire came to his call. The floor burst into flame, and the screams grew greater,

as if the room itself was wailing. Laughing maniacally, Kaelis roared, "No, I will not stand for it. You will never harm her again. I swear it!" The flames grew higher,

and Kaelis' flesh began to sear, burnt off his body, but he felt no pain. As the fires consumed him, he stood triumphant.

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