The Manticore

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Just a short story I wrote, set in a D&D style world, about my Necromancer I have there. It is not precisely polished work, but I did what I could.

Submitted: August 01, 2008

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Submitted: August 01, 2008



I admit, I was arrogant. I rode across the plains, Nightmare firmly controlled, certain in my power. Fortunately, it ended well...

I gallop onward across the plains, planning continuously. I pass a cliff

and continue riding, knowing that nothing here is a match for my power.

Which is when I am struck. Spikes the size of a sword come hurtling

towards me, and I pull hard upon the reins, summoning my Veilblade to

my hand. As several of the spikes fly past me, I cut several more from the

air, but others smash into me, bouncing off my cloak and robes. I continue

riding, looking about, and the manticore pounces. It collides with my steed

as I leap off, and the Nightmare screams as it is thrown to the ground. The

manticore claws and rakes, and the Nightmare begins leaking fire from its

wounds, before it vanishes, returned to its home. The manticore turns to

me, and I spring forward at it. I lashes out with a claw which I meet with

my blade, and when it whips its tail about I catch it on a shield of Veiled

power from my arm. The manticore draws back, and I lunge forward,

scratching it, and drawing a slight amount of blood. It roars its pain and

fury, and slams an arm into the ground where I had been standing as I roll

to the side. I roll backwards while dematerializing my blade, then use my

hands to lift myself up into a flip, turning in midair to dodge additional

spikes the manticore hurls at me. It roars again, and I lift a hand,

channeling the power of the Veil. A beam of raw power emerges from my

palm and covers the distance between myself and the manticore instantly,

and I am briefly blinded by a flash. I blink, then open my eyes to see that

a piece of the manticore's shoulder has simply vanished, and I grin. The

creature lets out another howl, and then charges me. I will my sword back

into existence, and rush back at it with a battle cry of my own. It lunges

forward with a single paw, and I hurl myself above it, avoid the claw, and I

sever its tail with a single stroke. I land behind the creature, and listen to it

scream as it turns to face me once more, seeking vengeance. It charges at

me again, and I dart to the left and twirl, drawing another line of blood on

its side. I notice our fight has brought us close to the cliff face, and I sprint

towards it. The manticore follows, just as I had expected. It is faster than I

am, and begins to gain on me just before I reach the side of the cliff. It

finally gets close enough to dart forward at me, and its claw barely scrapes

my cloak as I run a few feet directly up the side of the cliff, then coil my

legs and pounce backwards. I slice into the beast's back as I fly over it, but

it turns much more quickly than I anticipated, and swats me from the air

with a single blow. I fly about ten feet through the air, and smash heavily

into the ground. I stand up and examine myself, but find that the armor of

bone beneath my skin has held fairly well, although one of my hearts may

be slightly bruised. I banish my Veilblade, and reach out with my senses

for the eternal power of the Veil. It comes to me instantly, and I draw it

into myself. My blood freezes instantaneously, the cold, pure power of the

Veil surging through blood and bone, hearts and mind. It envelopes my

very soul, this sweet cold, and it comforts me. I stretch slightly, knowing I

have all the time in the world. I summon more power, and it appears

around me as a visible aura, dark lightning flickering and crashing about

me. I recreate my blade, and note the violet power swirling about it. Time

has halted, and I sprint at the manticore, blade at my side. I carve into it

as I spring past, and bring myself to a halt behind it, as a cloud of dust and

dirt swirls about. I twich my hand, and my sword vanishes. I turn to face

the manticore, and it turns once more to me. It twitches slightly, then

moans once, and suddenly collapses onto its side, blood emerging from its

chest in a torrent. I mentally search for a moment, then raise a hand to

pronounce the appropriate words of passing. "Eisor Sidar'med, nintel'pagor

laenor, para'kay'noth nanduq'que led'quegor, izocne'quegor!" I mutter, and

the clouds suddenly cover the sun, shrouding us in darkness. Black flames

immediately gush into existence upon the manticore's body. In seconds,

the flames and the body are gone, and the clouds move on, the sun once

more shining upon me. I turn to the north, then call upon my enslaved

Nightmare once more. It appears, and as flame lines its body, it threatens

me with horrible torment once it manages to escape my pathetic binding. I

bare my teeth at it and say "Somehow, I doubt that will be today." I mount

up, and then ride to the north. I have business with some bandits and their wizards, you see.

Apparently they are not smart enough to avoid interfering with the Veil,

boasting of their power over death itself. Now, Death is coming for them.

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