Stop and Smell the Roses

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Stop and smell the roses...
Everyday,we overlook the people in our world,our importance to society and the things inside us that make us who we are.We let materialism get to us and leave parts of us in ruin.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013




A wise man once said, "life goes on within you and without you."That got me thinking.You know,around 56 million people die each year.Yet,we only notice a fraction of those people.
Picture a field of grass.This field is prosperous,around 7 million indivivual blades.This field has a variety of different types of grasses.Some patches receive plenty of water,sunlight and nutrience.Others struggle to survive,parched and deprived of sunlight.Everyday,you look upon the field.Would you notice that 156 thousand of those blades have withered and died?Probaly not,for 384 thousand new blades have already taken their place.
Most people know about 300 people,give or take.Let us say I die today.Some people will greive me,mainly my closest friends and family.If you are religious,then hopefully I will go upstairs.If not,then my body will simply decompose.Like a blade of grass in the field,I will go almost unnoticed.I will die,you will die,in the end,we will all die.But people will still be brought into this world.Life will still go on.Will my great,great,great,great,great grandchildren know who I was,what I've done?Will they even care?  
The only time someones death is widely known is if they were famous,if they were somehow significant to us,to society.But aren't we all sigificant to society?After all,without us there would be no such thing.
And,as we developed our society,one thing shaped it quite a bit.
That thing is money.It defines our quality of life.Not enough and you're on the streets,struggling for survival.Strike it rich and you lead a life of luxary.Did you ever think about how every other species on Earth lives off the land,knowing nothing of currency,money, economy?And yet,we rely so heavily on it.
Perhaps it is because we value material things so much,sometimes more then our own lives.Are we so blinded by our need,our greed,that we put the lives of others,human or not,at risk?
And as our population grows,as the field grows bigger,we lose beautiful parts of our world.Lush forests rich with life,made barren at our hands.Why?All because we wanted some oil,or anew shopping mall.The things we do for the sake of convenience help us gain intelligence,technology.But what is the point of that if we cannot open our eyes and see we are not alone?
That the best things in life are within us.and maybe the world would be better off without us,without the harm we bring with us.Or can we,as a whole,overcome our blindness,take a step forward,stop and smell the roses.Can we make or field blossom?

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