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This poem was written In mind with peoples thought it was to open up peoples perceptions that it doesn't matter what others may look like get to know the real person before you judge them.

Submitted: March 30, 2007

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Submitted: March 30, 2007











People Look At Me & Think What They Think,

You Don't Know Me What I Feel What I Think,

Have You Taken The Time To Know The Real Me, The Inner Me What Nobody Sees. You Look At Me &

Only See Black, I'm Much More Than A Colour Much

More Than That.

I Write Poetry, I Guess You Didn't Know, Who's Work

Are You Reading Or Don't You Know.

You Know A Bit About Me, Now What Do You Think,

Do You Still See A Colour Tell Me What You Think.

I May Not Have The Skin Of Others, I May Not Be The

Best Of Lovers, But I'm The Most Beautiful Man On

The Planet Can't You See, No You Won't See, Not The Outside Me, The Real Me, The Inner Me, The Real Beauty That's Deep Within Me, Now Do You Know What I'm On About, That's The Beauty I'm Talking About.

I'm A Man Of Passion, A Heart Full Of Love, I Write Poetry About Things & People I Love.

Now You Know Me, The Inner Me, Tell Me Is This What You Saw Is This What You See.

Next Time You Look At Me Don't See What You See, Take

The Time To Know The Real Me!

By Duane Abbott ©

16th February 2000

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