Is it worth to continue?

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The world is changing, and this article will explain some of the most confronting points, probably making you look at life from another angle.

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012



 You definitly have heard of an economic crisis and maybe you have even experienced one in your lifetime. And right now one has hit more or less the entire world, resulting in panic all over the globe. Politicians form all dfifferent nations are immediately trying to calm down and assure the people of recovery, though most of them do not even have a decent plan to solve this issue. Co-operation has been attempted, but didn't mean success for all the members. Actually, more and more people are gradually becoming dispirited about the whole situation, as more and more bad news is appearing on the tube. This all is a big manifestation of one thing: the world is changing. Not slowly, but unbelievably rapidly.

Why is this happening? Well, the direct cause is by far too complicated to retrieve form this mayhem in the world. However, if we look at history, we can conclude that these fluctuations prevail in every nation's background. Just take a look at this: the Middle East used to have one of the most sophisticated and developed technology in the world, as well as being one of the most advanced societies at that time. Look at it now: it isn't leading in technology any more, poverty is common, there is a very unbalanced population etc. So it has shifted during all those centuries. And that's what is happening right now: a global shift.

But what if you don’t want the world to change? You want to stop this shift? Before you start to get your hands dirty, I’ll tell you the most remarkable point of the phenomenom: this shift has actually never been completely stopped by anyone. Perhaps a powerful and mighty leader might once have been able to impede the shift, but simply making it cease to progress is a totally different thing.To make it even better: commotion and even turmoil will follow, since the population will lose its faith in government and panic when they realize their lives may turn upside down. Additionally, the unrest may develop on until the verge of war, which is definitely not the consequence you want to end up with.

Is there any possible solution? Asking this question brings us to the philosophical side of life. People who have learned world history will all be able to spot one interesting sequence which seems to interminably repeat itself: one nation may rise, but it will always fall down. This shift is actually the start of this tumbling down. So now back to our question, is there any remedy to this terrible event that may happen to you one day? Frankly, I would say no. Life is just the way it is, meaning that life is hard. It’s exactly the same with your health: you can enter this world healthily, or you are so miserably unlucky you start your first breath with a handicap. Purely your chance.

I can understand that people will start to contemplate about life over again after they’ve read this. Is it worth to continue anyway then? Is it all worth it if it is going to end anyway? Is it worth to endeavour recovering the economy if you keep in mind this is “natural” and principally inevitable? These question will eventually be answered by all of you; namely your individual psychology about life.

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Is it worth to continue?

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