For You to get married is better to hear your grandma's advice

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Have you heard aged people’s advice and sayings without paying any attention to them because you think that any old rule is not useful anymore? What if some of those sayings were still valid even if they recommend you not to do what a lot of people is doing by now?

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



I bet you have heard at least once in your life some advice from your grandmother like this: “don’t live with him until you get married” or “don’t permit any intimacy with him until he is your husband”.  Anyone of us could tell that have heard some phrase like these from our parents, aged friends or some relative who most times happens being of advanced age. Maybe because of that we didn’t pay enough attention because it sounded so very out of date. But, what if those advice were valid? What if those people were trying to help us by the wisdom they attained by accumulating experience? Not every old concept is wrong. Some are real pieces of wisdom that are more updated than anyone of us could figure out. One of those concepts is the value of marriage.
There were some long gone days when a man who wanted to have some intimacy with his girlfriend, it was necessary to get married with her. It was a so very strict rule that most men, when wanted to have sex with a woman, they just couldn’t think in other solution than getting married. Times have changed, and now things are very much easier for men. How hard is getting an intimate relation with some woman? Most times it is necessary no more than being her boyfriend, isn’t it?

At these times an increasing number of couples are moving to live together without getting married. It seems like marrying is each day getting behind because more and more couples are living together. It may seem like a valid treat, as long as both parts agree on the idea of living together without all those complicated and expensive steps related to getting married.

Here is the mayor trouble that happens when a couple starts to live together: men expect some very different things from the situation than women do. For women the story just had started: a new life together for knowing better each other and prepare for the next step, which means to get married as soon as both feel ready to.
For most men this situation is a little different. It could be said that for men the story has ended rather that started. I can tell you this because I am a man and I know this happens very likely: I have what I wanted from my girl by now, now we live together without the need of getting more committed and there is some added advantage from this: there is always some escaping way if the situation gets in any way difficult to stand. I don’t mean that every single case is like this, or that every man thinks this way, but this is very common and you must consider that this could happen to you.

If you don’t follow this advice and you move with your boyfriend chances are you are going to live together for some time before the first troubles come, then he will find the excuse he was waiting for getting away using that "escape tunnel", then you would get dumped by him and then, and only then you would realize that you have been left alone without almost any legal instance to support you. In most countries you can’t demand to him any help to support yourself and maybe your children.

Our grandparents knew about this and they had a very powerful solution: to not have any intimate relationship until being married. I know this is very difficult advice to follow. Mostly because on these days, this is not how a woman supposedly would behave, but believe me, that advice was useful in those days and it is still valuable.
You’ll never regret managing to wait and make your boyfriend wait to have any intimacy with you until you get married. This will help you to start a more secure relationship, which is a must to start a happy family.

If you are having some trouble getting your boyfriend wanting to marry you, and you think you need support and advice on getting married, there are very powerful techniques to persuade even the most difficult man to marry you.

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