Forever Eternal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
I know the recent influx in vampire movies may have your stomach turning. Its ok trust me im neither a big fan of the vampire genere. Luckily this isnt a typical vampire story, i mean it is but, its a little more thought provoking and a wee bit more demented heh hehe. Anyways it was entered into a writing contest and of course it lost thankfully to more better tasting stories such as aftermath of a funeral and stranger in a new county. BTW im being sarcastic. ENJOY

Submitted: October 04, 2008

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Submitted: October 04, 2008



On a stormy night, early 1500's, a wealthy land owner pacing within his mansion walls. It has been days since his interested was peeked and he was slowly feeling the tinge of insanity. Murder was to blame for his new confinement, he just turned 24 not even a few days before his parents' murder, which left him this house, and him alone in the world. He searches the library shelves pulling book from book, searching for something, anything, yet finding nothing.

\"THIS PLACE BREATHES MADDNESS,\" he shouts grabbing the shelf and dumping it and its contents to the floor.

He's just about ready to rip another shelf down when suddenly a slam is heard down the hall, at his front door. He pauses in silence waiting trying to grasp what it was to have made a noise such as that. He snatches up his pistol just as a scream fills the halls of his home and again a powerful slam to his front door nearly shattering it from its frame. Armande, the man, moves quickly down the hall lying flat against the wall not knowing what exactly is going on but better to be safe than sorry. Outside his door he begins to hear whimpers and sobs, followed by snarls and what sounds like human voices.

\"Omnestay, varve tech ta vira oz ti-tak MAL,\" a male voice shouts threatening. \"CiCi, nevestay ali,\" a closer female, one closest to the door says. \"SERsone, yer su pezt ofz,\" another male now closer speaks tauntingly.

Armande quickly puts the tones together realizing the sobbing girl is in trouble and these two males really aren't looking to help her. Armande quickly tosses open the door spilling light onto his front porch and steps. The light dances across two figures that suddenly move appearing as blurs off to opposite sides. Armande's pistol is up aimed straight ahead but all that remains is a woman on all fours sobbing. He studies her features closely noticing her what would be radiant brown hair and delicate features. Almost appearing as an angel some would say and surprisingly this angel was close in age to Armande himself.

\"Miss, are you alright,\" he asks kneeling besides her placing his hand gently on her shoulder.

She winces slightly continuing to sob.He removes his hand putting it under her chin making her eyes fall upon his face. Her eyes are bleeding, several scratches all over her face,her chest soaked and her hair blood and dirt caked heavily.

\"Milady, please let me help you.\"

Again she makes no sound other than sobs and whines. Armande takes the woman's shoulders pulling her to a standing position, turning her towards the open front door. With the woman obviously being the one slammed against the door, Armande sees the blood splattered and cracked door. But her wounds were his major concern at the moment. As Armande is ushering her into the house a voice calls to him in the air.

\"You've just made a fatal choice human; you interfere now you're a target as well. Mark our words white man, for this you shall regret.\"

The woman shrieks loudly bolting into the house as Armande scans for the voice. Not seeing a single soul he too retreats inside. A few hours later and a physician's patching the woman's wounds, while Armande watches intently from the doorway. After several minutes of work the doctor approaches taking off his gloves.

\"I gave her medication, so she should be at peace for at least a few hours,\" Doc informs Armande. \"What happened to her,\" Armande asks. \"I don't know her wounds are unlike anything I've ever seen. She was definitely hit several times shattering bones but leaving no bruises. Most blunt objects that have such impact leave bruises, here there were none. I've never seen anything hit with such force and frankly I hope I don't ever find out.\"

The next day came filling Armande with hope, today he was going to try to get some answers. He spent all night outside her bed planning and rehearsing. She was restless, whimpering, crying and screaming at times. Finally at close to eleven she stood up on the floor taking absolutely no time to wake. Armande nearly flips his chair. She instantly charges as the two collide crashing hard to the floor, Armande taking the brunt of the force.

\"Sir, I beg please let me go,\" she shrieks pummeling her fists into his chest. \"Milady, I beg of you please just a few questions then you may go,\" he forces out between grunts. \"You know nothing of what you ask sir.\" \"Armande Des...\" \"I don't want to know your name for you'll soon be dead.\"

He uses his strength to force both of them to standing position but fears to release her fists of desperation.

\"I think it only fair you explain for I have taken care of you wounds.\"

The woman rips her hand free patting her neck and chest feeling the inserted stitches. Her breathing slows as her brain begins to process.

\"My name is Lydia, Lydia Kazeth,\" she says dully. \"See is this not much better,\" he replies directing her towards a chair. \"No,\" she replies bluntly. \"First thing you need to know is I'm an orphan. When I was first born, my parents were ecstatic, that was until they learned I was a girl. My mother, so I'm told, tried hard to convince my father but was punished for speaking against him. I was left in the back alley of a church a few towns over. The people within the church began to raise me as their own calling me 'God's Child.' But all the Bible verses and stories I heard, no mater how much they preached forgiveness, I just couldn't forgive them. I hated him and her both and every night I dreamed of my vengeance. That's when I heard talk of this group of murderers in town,\" she says wiping her hands across her eyes. \"Murderers?\" \"This group supposedly was very through and very precise. They even said that one bite and you became one.\" \"Vampires?\" \"Exactly what I thought, it was a superstition, a myth but I had to find out for myself. I spent weeks of searching but found nothing at least until last week. I was attacked and when I tried to explain, one bit me. The seemed hazy for the next few days, but then on the third night a man came to visit me. He called me his child and told me not to worry, all would be well. He welcomed me to the family giving me instructions for a meeting that was taking place. Truth be told I enjoyed my new found life. But a couple of days ago while I slept in the church just down the road I had a very vivid dreams of being normal again. When I woke that night, my bite was healed, my powers gone.\" \"Wait, this town? Why did you come here?\" \"The meeting was taking place here. I didn't want my new life taken away so I figured if I went to someone would, you know, bite me again. Instead they felt as if I betrayed them. There were hundreds each taking their hits, each having their 'way' with me,\" Lydia begins to sob. \"I was beaten, raped, and cursed. They tossed me all through town and right onto your doorstep. They swore I was going to die for what. I've done and you heard it yourself, you interfered now you die too.\" \"Its, its impossible right? I mean theres no way that vampires actually exist,\" he asks himself more than her.

His eyes scan the room searching for any sort of reasoning and when they do return to hers anger stares back. The two lock eyes for moments before she begins her crying again. Armande slowly approaches her taking her in his arms. At first she resists trying to pull away but eventually settles into his arms. Once she settles their eyes meet again his blue looking into her wet streaking green eyes.

\"Listen, you can stay here where you'll be safe for a few days until we can think of something better to do,\" Armande says trying to calm her further. \"But,\" \"No, really its fine. I insist.\" Lydia nods several times. \"Thank you,\" she whispers wrapping Armande into her arms.

The few days come and go as Lydia and Armande hash out several plans but nothing really seems plausible. Hell, Armande isn't even sure that vampires even exist. But instead of Lydia leaving the two of them fall in love and after a year or two later are married. Both of them are very happy as they return to the mansion and begin to pack the carriage for their honey moon. Armande no longer fears being alone and Lydia being too caught up in her new life barely thinks about her \"vampires\". That afternoon the couple leaves their quiet little town hading on their week long honeymoon. Their carriage driver, a local from within the town, makes a wrong turn leaving them countryside at dark fall. Their carriage suddenly jams to a halt and the strange language Armande heard those years ago fill their ears. Lydia on the other hand instantly turns to stone. The carriage door is ripped wide open as a man with pale white skin and long black hair peers in.

\"Well, well, well, if it isn't our white man and our vallah, two birds, one stone, am I correct,\" he says sarcastically drawing laughs and howls outside.

As this new man speaks all Armande can focus on is his two long protruding fangs from his lips. As the man continues his menacing threats Armande shakes the shock diving for a near by stashed blade. Before he even comes close hes hit hard, knocked out of his seat, past Lydia, and through the carriage's wooden wall. He crashes hard to the wet ground with pain and splinter debris. He gags trying to pull himself up and regain his air flow but never before has he felt such strength. The man with black hair and fangs brushes off his sleeves grinning ear to ear.

\"Sorry lad, but thats been building up within me for over a year,\" he says again drawing chuckles from his gallery.

The man with fangs nods towards Lydia whose still gripped still by fear. His men plunge into the carriage dragging her out and all walk to Armande's side of the carriage. They position her before the still struggling Armande.

\"I'm sure our little vallah has told you all about us so no need for repetitions introductions. We're her to settle a debt made over a year ago when you arrogantly and ignorantly interfered in our business that did not concern you.\"

Armande claws viciously at the dirt trying to get to his feet.

\"You brought me into this by attacking her on my property,\" he says pointing at the black haired man.

His hand is slapped back down.

\"Incorrect, you fool. This same thing has happened millions of times before for centuries before even your fathers, fathers, fathers, father was even a thought. You're the only one in history to have ever stuck your nose where it didn't belong. Haven't you ever heard the saying creatures come out at night?\" \"But you,\" \"But nothing, It is common knowledge no one in there RIGHT state of mind answers the door at that hour, COME ON,\" black hair says reaching out taking a hold of Armande's shirt and lifting him into the air.

Armande struggles against the vice like grip but no matter how much he struggles he cant break the iron grip.

\"Let her go, I interfered, take care of me but just don't hurt her,\" Armande pleads. \"No. You definitely will be taken care of but our vallah, or in your language dead little whore is exactly that.\"

Armande manage to place a free hand under the vampires chin as he pushes his head upward. All this succeeds in doing is make black hair laugh. He then wraps his hand around his throat trying to choke him. Again black hair only chuckles.

\"Lucian, want us to deal with vallah now,\" another vampire asks. \"Yes, take her over there and make sure our little friend can see everything,\" Lucian, the black hair instructs.

The three pull Lydia away from Armande screaming. There she's held down as they look back to Lucian. Armande watches in horror suddenly realizing whats going on releases the choke and beings swinging punches. Not a single one lands Lucian's way too quick for him. For the first time he realizes that their defeat is inevitable. Four vampires against a weak and slow human. The odds were stacked against him Lydia would die, and he'd be forced to watch, then he'd be next, unless... Lucian still holding Armande from the ground makes a quick slash with his free hand. The swipe is so quick Armande isn't even sure he saw anything at all. But then he feels a burst of pain, his stomach becomes warm yet he feels the cold breeze on his insides. Fearing the worst he looks down only to see pink, crinkled tubes hanging out from his gut, his intestines. With both hands he quickly reaches down holding his insides inside as Lucian drops him to the ground elegantly stalking towards Lydia. From beneath his long flowing black robe he reveals a serrated wicked looking blade.

\"This ceremonial sword has been spilling the blood of those who oppose us for ages. Its already tasted vallahs sweet flesh once, tonight it'll feast as a king. The main idea of this game, Armande, is a game of chance and morals. Do you Armande Dessante have a chance to stop us or a chance to keep yourself alive? Do you have the morals to try to save your blushing bride, or let her die to save yourself? I've seen your guts, now lets see if you can use them.\"

Lucian brings the blade closer to Lydia's face. It was now or never, Armande gives his intestines a harsh shove inside holding them in his left hand as he charges awkwardly forward. Lucian nods his closest thug to take care of the attacker. As Armande nears he switches hands using his right to hold in his guts, his left to throw the blood on his hand at his attacker. The vampire leaps into the air crashing hard on top of Armande. Armande though was ready as both hands brace the vampire's head smearing his blood about. Then using his own strength, the smell of blood, he pulls his head and neck up to the vampires mouth. The vamp hisses exposing his teeth and uncontrollable urge as Armande places his neck inside the vampires mouth.

\"NO! Don't bite him,\" Lucian shouts but it goes unheard.

The vampire gives into instinct sucking Armande's warm and succulent blood. Armande hopes his calculations and myth knowledge was correct. The vampire having his fill tries to pull back but Armande locks and holds him in place. He continues to drink until Armande finding no strength left releases him. The vampire drops back seizing and Armande drops to the ground. He suddenly feels his stomach area tingle almost as if its healing itself. He looks down just in time to watch the large gash dissipate before his eyes. His skin falls cold, almost ice at the touch and from inside his closed mouth fangs grow all the way down to his bottom lip. He was right, whatever it was about the bite that turned you, the more blood you had the longer you could fight the infection. With a renewed vigor Armande leaps to his feet as even Lucian looks shocked at the outcome. He leaps clearing a great distance snatching Lucian's sword and burying it in a nearby vampire. He quickly retracts the sword turning back to square off, but something about the dying vampire catches his eye. One he realizes its the carriage driver but the sword having sank in makes him convulse, stop, then suddenly ignite. But the carriage driver, they were set up. His rage takes hold as he leaps for his next victim, never even saw its death coming. He slips behind him, while hes concentrating on Lydia and cuts his head completely off. His body begins to sizzle once the head leaves. Armande catches the head and throws it at the last remaining vampire crony his blade thrown shortly after like a spear. The head strikes bluntly, disorienting, the blade sinks clean into his chest. Armande then sets his sights on the remaining enemy Lucian. The two are at each other like lightning, moving as if they were mere flashes of light. Armande catches Lucian with a few hits splitting his lip but Lucian also scores a few hits as well. Lucian knows though that Armande's rage is carrying him, if he doesn't end this quick he wont stand a chance. Lydia moves slowly trying to avoid detection behind Lucian, drawing the blade from the dead vamps chest.

\"Whats wrong Lucian? Ever hear of the saying creatures come out at night,\" he shouts attacking again. \"You fool. You think I don't realize the extent of your power. I've been a vampire for over two hundred years as compared to your ten minutes,\" Lucian chuckles catching a swinging claw,then bends Armande to his knees in the mud.

Lucian chuckles in a rapid dark laugh thinking him to have the upper hand.

\"You see, my foolish child, the master vampire knows his underlings like the back of his hand,\" he smirks applying more pressure.

Armande shouts in pain knowing too well the force behind these hands could break a normal human in half.

\"Just you wait Armande, wait until it comes time to feed. When you have to hunt a friend or family member leaving them dead and empty or worse, turning them into what you have become. You must remember this time each and every time you feed so you will know exactly what your face looks like to me.\" \"Then you must really wonder what it looks like when a family member kills you,\" Lydia shouts hurling her sword.

Lucian smiles as if he can see exactly where the blade is flying towards his back. As it nears he quickly whirls Armande into the path of the blade. The blade slices from the corner of his right eye to the bridge of his nose. Armande feels the cut but the pain comes long after the sword falls to the ground. His flesh ignites charring his flesh black around his eyes and his nose also turns black. Lucian again chuckles driving his head forward nearly shattering Armande's skull. Armande crashes to the ground on his back fighting unconsciousness.

\"I admire your defiance, vallah, not too smart but ya got guts,\" Lucian says pacing picking up the sword. \"But in the end, a vallah and a kre, or new blood just isn't enough to defeat the master of all vampires!\" Lucian reaches down pulling Armande to his knees.

Lucian cuts his wrist watching the black blood spill forth. Then he puts it to Armande's mouth.

\"A gift, please, drink from your master, it'll make you stronger.\" Armande jams the wrist into his mouth beginning to suck. \"You truly are and underling, relying on your master's kindness aren't you Armande? You know, your sorta like a dog.\" Armande continues to suck feeling rejuvenated, almost even stronger than before.

The cold cold on his tongue ignites like fire in his throat.

\"But every now and then a master has to know, when to put, his loyal dog, old friend, down,\" he screams jamming the sword into Armande's chest.

Armande stops sucking feeling a hole new sort of pain like never before. His insides nearly feel as if they are lying exposed on a table somewhere under a bright hot light. It feels almost as if the flesh where it was cut has become purified. The pain drives him back to the ground. His body arcs and twists unnaturally as Armande tries to fight it. He knows well that if he doesn't get back to his feet soon, Lydia and himself are done for. The pain is so bad he doesn't realize Lucian has him over his shoulder carrying him away. Armande's hand dances across the sword and instinctively he rips it out. A howl escapes his lips that just makes Lucian smile wider. Lydia feeling helpless and responsible charges towards the fleeing pair. Lucian hears her footsteps plainly on the ground quickly whips around extending an open palm outward beginning a chant. Armande sees the direction of his target is his charging wife. He staves off the pain momentarily as he slices Lucian's left arm completely off. Lucian's lips curl as a deep guttural howl shakes the nearby trees. He tosses Armande him to the ground. To Armande's surprise theres a hole with a makeshift coffin where ground once was. The vampire lands hard in the box as Lucian waves the lid and dirt back onto the hole, burying Armande and sword.

\"I have fed you for the last time dog. A vampire, buried alive is not a good thing. Food is very scarce in the ground,\" Armande hears Lucian's voice call followed by a chuckle.

Armande fights trying to move but the area is too small, hes trapped. The last thing he hears is his screaming wife, then sudden and eerie silence.

\"Do you believe in love, Do you believe in destiny? I believed in both and now I'm a degenerate vampiric plague. I have no will of my own, only pain, suffering, and blood. My destiny lies within the outside world, not within this shallow and unmarked grave. I hate the choice I made embracing this 'dark gift' but I felt I had no choice. Without its powers Lydia, my sweet love, would have perished along with myself. Now I am LUCIAN'S PET!! But my day is coming, my resurrection, my revenge and my reunion. Although I hope its soon for now I know I'll outlive my love.\"

Excerpt Taken from Armande Dessante's journal discovered in 1872 written about his first few days with the dark gift.

I was in that hole for around approximately ten years. The first few days I nearly starved to death. Lucian was right, food definitely was scarce. However miraculously insects and worms soon found there way into my prison. At first I refused the thought but by the first week they were looking like a three course meal. I paced myself though carving a very small crevice with which I could store my meal as rations. The blood was dank and disgusting but the vengeance is what I tasted. I cared not of etiquette as I drank the stale insect blood. At around the five year mark a rat dug its way in. How DELICIOUS was he! Eventually with all the creepy crawlies working their way into the box the wood began to weaken. At the nine the wood began to decay. IT WAS TIME!!! Over the next year and some I worked at the box. I shifted back and forth widening my arms pushing and forcing my strength in every direction. At ten I splintered the lid as dirt collapsed into the box nearly suffocation myself. Again I was weak but so meant food so I ate a meal fit for a king. Once at full strength I work feverishly digging my way back to the surface. One of my happier moments that I can remember was when my head broke through the surface and fresh earthen air blasted me in the face, for the first time in TEN years! Little did I know how rapidly the world had changed in those ten year. Now reflecting, had I known, I would have stayed in that box.

Excerpt taken from Armande Dessante's journal discovered in 1872 written about his ten plus years buried alive.

Looking as if something straight from a zombie movie Armande plows himself forcefully through the earth's surface, pulling himself up from the hole. His clothes are tattered, and his face is as pale as paper. He shoves some of the dirt aside digging into the box for his sword, his instrument of vengeance. To his shock as well as a nearby group of witnesses the two groups stare at each other in disbelief.

\"Y, you cant be him can you, the lead man, with short blonde hair and full bushy beard asks. \"Be, who,\" Armande replies. \"Be he, him of legend, Armande, or rather who's now known as Kazeth Armande.\" \"I was Armande, but I am no longer,\" he replies suddenly brining forth his sword. \"Why who wants to know?\" \"So speaks the legend,\" another group member says. \"Trust me my friend, we definitely wish you no harm,\" replies the bushy beard. \"Why do you keep calling me legend?\" \"Because sire, you are the legend of Armande Dessante. The man who willing took the dark gift swearing an undying vengeance against the vampires,\" a red haired female replies. \"A legend already you say. But its only been ten years!!\" \"Ten years to you perhaps,\" says bushy beard leader. Armande stares back in horror nearly expecting what comes next.

The leader instantly recognizes the looking nearly dreading to say what comes next.

\"What you were thinking has been ten, has in fact nearly been thirty.\" \"NO! NO! NO!!! NO FUCKING WAY,\" Armande screams. \"Its only been ten, I swear, I kept track!\" \"Perhaps you did, but vampires don't have the same time sense as humans,\" explains red hair. \"Then its too late, Lydia Dessante has probably long faded from this world,\" Armande says beginning to pace. \"Lydia Dessante's not dead,\" replies leader drawing a long stare from Armande. \"Do you know of her?\" \"Of course,\" replies leader,\" She's the one who sent us to find you.\" \"Take me to her, please, you must.\"

They nod escorting Armande away. It turns out that during those thirty years in the ground Lucian raised a small vampiric community, sending small regiments to all corners of the globe. Their attack was quick and precise conquering most of the world within the hour. After the attack Lucian made himself of course master. The vampires quickly fed off the humans nearly brining the race to extinction. Two years and most humans lie dead in the streets or became vampires themselves making more mouths to feed. From then on Lucian declared that any non-koktu which meant original or in other words part of Lucian's person guard could be found in the vicinity of a human or they'd be put to death. The remaining humans were rounded into farms to prepare for breeding. But the human birthing rate was too slow. Nine months was far too long to wait for a meal. Next they tried vampire and human mating, which cut the process down by half depending on which genes were more dominant. But half breeds didn't leave for a good meal either, they were running short of time. Eventually Lucian learned that the offspring's blood would form after the first month, so tests began to be done. Those that had more vampire blood were instantly destroyed. But the human babies, they were harvested and drained within a large facility. The facility would in return dilute the blood mixing in similar vitamins then put into a small syringe and distributed in mass quantities. But still blood was scarce so the syringe's were to be ration by and only by Lucian's Koktu, only available for use every three to four days when feeding became a necessity. Several days of travel brought them to a small collapsed mine shaft, which once inside the group took several winding paths even backtracking at times before coming to an elevator. They went down a few floors. Once the door opened before the group stood an aged woman with a face Armande would and could never forget.



The two clasp in a hug over thirty years in the making.

\"We have so much lost time to make up for,\" he says nearly in tears. \"And so little time to do it in,\" she replies in a whisper and shudder.

Armande draws back with confusion on his face.

\"I'm sick, the doctors, they cant find whats wrong, and it's killing me.\"

Armande almost drops to his knees if not braced by his wife. The couple put aside the resistance and spend the next couple weeks as if nothing had ever separated them, perfect marital bliss. The disease though caught up with her several times. Armande offered her eternal life but she declined replying,

\"I want to stay here with you but not like that, not like them.\"

She died the next day. In her last hours she shared her love with him telling him there was never any other. Her last word were,

\"Make them pay, my love. Make them all suffer for what they've done to you, done to us.\"

Armande stood at her makeshift grave for several hours after she was laid to rest.

\"Make them pay, my love.\"

Thirty years of life and love stolen. Thirty years wasted, thirty years now buried and for what? He knew he'd live on for hundreds of years after this point in time but he didn't want to stay here, and most definitely not like them.

\"Make them pay, my love.\"

They'd pay alright, his entire life had been wasted and he'd waste not another moment. He'd become the man of legend Kazeth Armande, taking his wife's maiden name as his first.

\"Make them pay, my love.....\"

© Copyright 2020 Daren B Morris. All rights reserved.

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