"Picture Perfect"

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Submitted: February 01, 2009

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Submitted: February 01, 2009



I wake up in the morning and I’ll tell you what I see

I see a picture of an angel standing right beside me

The beauty of your smile

And the love within your eyes

We have a picture perfect love that holds no lies

The way you walk

The way you talk

The way you hold yourself above

You are that picture perfect girl

That I’ve grown to love

They say nothing lasts forever

So I say lets prove them wrong

We’ve been through how much shit

And we’re still running strong

It’s picture perfect

The people around us can’t stand seeing us together

But fuck them, they are just rainy weather

For that I just splash in the puddles

Wait for the sun to shine

While I tell the whole world that you’re all mine

Picture perfect

Oh yes, we’re picture perfect

The way you brighten up my world

The way you make me feel what I thought was lost

The way you try and make me happy at any cost

It’s picture perfect

My love for you is a love so strong

With a love like this I can’t imagine what could go wrong

I don’t give two shits what anybody has to say

I swear to you

I want to be with you forever and a day

Picture perfect

Picture perfect memories

We’re picture perfect

Oh yes, we’re picture perfect

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