A Great Force

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A dead teen's soul brought back with great power.

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



Chapter 1 - Origin


((So, currently, I am writing a Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic. I won’t give details, but it has an OC. His name is Darian Rogue, and he’s the protector of the multiverse. He has great power, but he also has flaws. This story is thoughts of mine that bounce around in my head written down about someone with the same name as Darian, and the same power, but not many flaws. Also, he is not the protector of the multiverse; he has been given these powers to do with as he wishes (which you’ll discover by reading this chapter) He’s a definite Gary Stu, but that doesn’t bother me; this wasn’t meant to be something serious. I needed to organize all these random thoughts that were running around wild, and why not share it with everyone else to view. So, without further ado…))


It started with a crash. The black car crashed into their green one.

It ended with a massacre. The occupants of black car got out and shot the occupants of the green one, as well as the occupants of all the other cars around. The pedestrians were also killed by the terrifying rain of bullets. Finally came the police. They surrounded their opponents, disarming them. But terrorists do not care about their fate.

And so the whole street was blown up.




One of the innocent bystanders who got killed that day was a young man named Darian Rogue. He was only 15 years old. But soon, he would become ageless… and timeless…


((Here’s where things get a little touchy and religious in nature. Please, I do not mean any offense, but I do use the word “God” here. And I refer to the One God, as I am Jewish. Please, understand, this is only meant as a way to enhance the story and I mean no offense.))


God had other plans for him. He was so young, and died in such a random way. He did not deserve death. Yet to put his departed soul back into his body was not something God would do. So He gave Darian’s soul the ability to manifest itself into a body, as well great power beyond anyone’s reckoning, trumped only by that of God. Anything: powers of creation, destruction, fun, war, play, and much else. God did this because He wanted to see what a being a free will would do with that sort of power. For, in all this, God did not take away Darian’s human right that was free will.


((Enough religious references, I’m sticking to only semi-religious things from now on.))


The land that souls go to after their bodies die is known as Celestia. This would become even Darian’s home now. But he was a different kind of Celestial. He was like the original Celestials of the court, not like the ones that formed now because they were dead human souls. He would not put his power to waste.

He was not out for revenge, not that it mattered. He knew his killers were dead already. He only strove to create a vast, peaceful, multiverse-spanning empire. And he would start with Earth.

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