Tulpa or Becoming Your Conscience

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A description on what a Tulpa is and how to become your own self conscience

Creating a Tulpa is a incredibly hard thing to do and you should probably never attempt to do so. While this has been told in many Creepypastas, Tulpa's are just as real as you are. Creating a Tulpa basically means becoming your conscience and your conscience taking over your body. You'll know what your conscience is if you've ever made a decision and started to have second thoughts later on. Yes that is your mind. Your mind will take over your body and you will become your own mind. Basically rendering you a non living person although others will see you as alive as ever. 

You will not be you anymore. You will become a completely different person all together. All of your traits shall change and the only thing that remains is your body. 

The whole reason you never hear about Tulpa's is because the only people who have been able to create them are Monks who have been concentrating their whole life trying to make them. That is why they are so incredibly hard to create. You would have to spend half your whole life zoning out and focusing on your mind. 

Tulpa's are frightening to say the least.

Submitted: October 01, 2015

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