The Revolt

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Submitted: February 25, 2019

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Submitted: February 25, 2019



The Revolt


Linkton awoke from his deep sleep to the sound of metal being ground against the sharpening stones. Linkton couldn’t help but laugh as he realized they were sharpening simple gardening tools as their weapon to free upwards of three-hundred people. He stood up from his rocky bed and look towards the arms piled in the corner, “Tomorrow is the night” he said to himself, he let out a sigh as the sun catches his eyes. He would need to get back to the encampment soon. He jogs up to the mouth of the cave, waving his hand, saying goodbye to his Family as he left.

Linkton had to sneak out a couple of times now, after watching the enforcers do their routes Linkton easily slip in and out between their rotation. Today was no different; he waits for an opening between shifts and then slides in his shack as if it was clockwork. As he entered most were laying on the cold ground, He was still surprised that people here had gotten used to the horrible sleeping condition. All slaves get shoved into a small five by five shack. Shackle to the wall and to each other, as he enters people look at him with a confused look, for they had just witnessed this slave free himself, disappear, and then reaper and re-chain himself to the line. The sound still sends chills up his spine as he hears the chains let out a happy click as it locks around his ankle. He promotes his leg up against the wall and slips a lockpick in between the shackle and his leg. He let out a sigh as he slumps to the ground staring out one of the small vents as a slight light peered through them. The enforcers would be here.

As if the enforcers were waiting for Linkton to think about them, one kick the door throwing his weapon in a random direction while screaming for everyone to get up. His screams jolt people awake, where they quickly realized what was happening and stumble to their feet. Some tried to help some of the weaker and older people up to their feet, but enforcers had their own motivation for the weak. They rush towards a girl that was still on the ground, grabbing her throat and slamming her against the stone brick wall rising her tell her toes barely touch the ground. After all, it would be a waste to kill her. A fellow enforcer joins him as they broke out in laughter as she kicks at ones padded clothing. The enforcer joins in by backhanding causing her to lose her senses. He started to shout at her about her spending the night with the enforcer tent, for some fun.

“Stop!” Linkton shouted while keeping his face down hoping that they wouldn’t notice it was him who yelled. One of the enforcers head snap to the voice, as one of the enforcers let out a growl and lash the girl one last time as he marches towards Linktons voice, he stopped in front of Linkton and another slave! “Which -” Linkton thought went crazy, he can’t be caught now! Tonight was the night. Before he could continue the door to the shack flung open, and an Advisor came stomping in.

“Why haven't you guys gotten them outside yet! We’re losing daylight! And daylight is money.” The enforcer let out a growl as the Advisor left the building, he turned back towards the two slaves in front of him to see them smile! Anger overcome him, and he grabs his whip lashes them both across their face. The blow caught Linkton off guard causing him to lose his breath and sit there gasping for air, “Get up!” The Enforcer screamed at them as he undid their chain and threw them in the line, where another rechain them to the person in front of them, as they're leaving the shack. Linkton regains his breath he overheard the enforcers.

“You coming?”

“Nah, this sweety need to be taught how to keep her inducers up.”

The last thing he heard before leaving the shack was them laughing with a muffled cry. As a handful enforcer guided the slaves to the field, as they marched the two people behind him started to talk. At first, Linkton waited for the Enforcer to notice, but then he the screaming of an enforcer told him they were occupied with others, then a voice was redirected towards him.

“Why do you come back? Are you stupid or Crazy.” Linkton panic as he heard the question due to an enforcer take notice that they were talking. In fear of this all going wrong, Linkton threw his foot forward, causing the stranger to fall to the ground.

“Stop!” A voice screamed and sent chills down Linkton spin as he thought about the lashing that was awaiting him, he wanted them to stop talking not be lash! He still needs to keep a good relationship with the slaves for the plan. “Get up!” He shouted at the person behind Linkton as he was stumbling to his feet. But to both of their surprise the enforcer just walks back to the front of the line and continue the group on its march to the field, Linkton looks over his shoulder to see the man in a daze, confused on the blessing that was given to him. Usually, they would be beaten for hours, but it seemed the late start saving them. The rest of the day went by normal for them, a lashing a couple of minutes, the disappearance of some of the more attractive slaves. Just before the sun had set, they picked all the twelves fields and then were split up into groups to finish the rest of the minor choirs that the enforcer didn’t want to do. For example, clean their bedchambers and empty their shit buckets.

By the end of the day, everyone was out of breath and exhausted dragging their feet as they’re shoved back towards the shed that they call home. As everyone gets in an uneasy sense of safety washes over them, and slump to the cold floor exhausted as the enforcers chain everyone back to the wall. Most people accept the cold embrace of the chain, as they knew it meant rest was near. But the few who still fought the binding were quickly overpowered by the enforcers, who left them with fresh scars. The room fell quiet as they went, the only thing that could be heard was the heavy breathing of the slaves. Linkton turns his attention to the slave next to him.

“Whelp might as well get this started.” He said as he reaches under his shackle and pulled out his lock pick and undid his lock. As the shackle gave a satisfying click, he stood up and looked towards the slave to his left. “You want out? Do you want to leave this hell?” Linkton knew what the slave would say, but still, he just thought he should get across what he was offered right away. The slave node his head as Linkton dug in his cut-up pants and pulled out a key that he took from the head enforcer room. “Undo everyone-” Before he could finish the slave undid himself and jump up to do everyone else, but linkton grab his arm. “Wait here, there will be people coming with weapons.” He turns towards the entire group that looks confused by the turn of events. “If you want to help us fight for your freedom, we have spare weapon with everyone.”

Some of the younger eyebrow narrow as they gave a node to him, he sighs with relief to see some would fight with them. He quickly left the shack to single the rest of his family and their allies. He slowly crept through the familiar trials towards the fields closes towards the enforcers building. He cut through the area to a grand oak that stood overwatching both the ground and the enforcer's structures. As he reaches the base of the tree on top of the hill, he dug underneath a red rose that reviled a sack that had a single crystal of alum in it. Holding it tightly in his hand, he started towards the enforcer's houses as they light their bonfire.

He slowly made his way down the hill, going from boulder to bush to twig, anything he could hide most of his body and remain close to the ground in the shadows. His plus starts to speed up the closer he got to the bonfire until he crouches with only a couple of bushes in between him and the enforcers enjoying the heat from it. He shifted uncomfortably on his toes as the thought of the slaves leaving or trying to attack without weapons, though he wouldn’t blame, especially if they left. The enforcers went about their night without a care as they gathered around the fire Linkton thought that he would never get an opening. After a couple of minutes pass a girl scream could be heard from the building around the fire. Before he could look around for the source, the naked girl burst out a door, with a half-naked enforcer follow quickly.

As all the enforcer laugh and focus on the commotion they were surprised when their bonfire, turn from a bright light red, into a dark and gloomy green. They all turn confused as torches appear in the forest surrounding them. As shadow creep away through the woods and the girl takes the opportunity to towards the torch’s away from this cursed place. The green flame seems to light for miles Linkton knew that his father would have already moved on the enforcers main building, while his Mother would start moving slaves and give weapon out to those who would fight. As he was heading back towards the shacks, he ran into his uncle Richard, leading a group of twenty adventures that had agreed to help.

“Uncle!” Linkton shouts out, as the pass. Richard was a knight trainer that was known as a lord slayer. He always wears the best armor, and anyone who trained by him, have gone far with his guidance.

“Ah, Linkton. Come with us your mother will send the slaves with weapons to the main building. For now, we need to clear the path for them.” He pulled a spar longsword of his back and handed it to Linkton, who wasn’t to impress with the blade it was just a plane steel longsword. Nothing like Richards sword which was decorative with ruby and other gems that made his blade shimmer in the moonlight. Richard didn’t wait for an answer from him and continue to jog by as the group of adventures followed suit, dress in some regular leather armor and shields and swords.

“You think a lord will be here, I feel strange magic here.” Richard frowned as he notices the unease in the air as well. “A lord would be a problem.” He said again as Ricard pass, and everyone gathers around him, not really caring about any enforcers as the new threat haunt their minds. Lords were summoned by spiral mages, a group of mages that come from the spiral tower at Ark. No one knows who they are or why the summon the dead heroes, sadly no one been able to locate where the headquarter is due to the hostility of spiral. Though if a lord was summoned it would cause the caster to be near death state, unable to move.“The fuck is a lord?” Another adventure speaks up, people turn towards him with a surprised.

“Lords are fallen heroes and slayer that brought back from the dead to do the caster biding. Though not much is know of the process, other then it involves laying some type of rune on the ground. Plus it seems the dead have no memory other than their fighting skills. Not even the Mages in Ark completely understand them.” Richard rub his head as he thought of the trouble that a lord would be before shaking his head, “No point in standing here with our dick in our hands, let's head to the center house, we’ll get our answer there.”

It wasn’t long until they ran into a group of enforcer standing guard at the front of the building. At first, they seemed confused by the small band of strangers in front of them, but as they all thought back to the green flame, they all knew what was happening and pulled out their clubs, and spears. Linkton knew that the enforcers were untrained and could barely even use their clubs probably and it was quite clear they had not trained with a spear as they charge towards them loosely holding their spears to low on the stick. As Linkton had thought, the fight end quickly, he didn’t get to fight. Richard took three of them on his own, and the last two fell quickly when it came to one on one with the adventures. Richard looked towards the small one-story building, with some confuse look across his face.

“Have the windows always been boarded up like that?” Richard point towards the building windows that had been broken and boards nailed across them. Linkton raised his eyebrows in a surprise of the state of the house, he thought the slave master would live here? They all walk around the house before meeting back in front, even a couple of the adventures broke off some boards from a window and walk around inside, and claimed that it must be abandoned since last harvest season. As they talk in the front, a group of slaves from the shacks arrived alongside Linkton father and his soldiers, that was mostly a large group of hunters. Linkton father joins them as the hunter stay a distance back chatting amongst themselves, and the slave went and explored the abandoned building.

“Well, this place isn’t what we expected.” He points at the building briefly, as a couple of slaves climb in through a window.

“Your right, it seems like the head person is giving orders from another place,” Richard said as he single for some of his adventures to look around the property, as Richard turn back to as about Linkton mother, a faint purple light emerges from the abandoned building, as panic slaves start fleeing out of any window. They all turn towards the building as a Purple glow appeared, but as they stare at it, it seems to intensify and gets to the point where they have to raise their hand to block it from their eyes.

But as the light grew stronger, suddenly there was a massive burst of air that sent everyone expected Richard to tumble away. Linkton laid on the ground for a little, stunned by the sudden gust of wind, only when the hellish roar silence the wind that he launches up to his feet, drawing his long sword. Linkton stumbles for second or less, it was enough for him to notice the purple light was gone. He looks up to find a human, standing in a destroyed section of the wall. The first thing he sees was its eyes, and the hellish red they produced. As it stood still staring at the group of people who laid in front him, holding his duel axes. Slowly Linkton Father stood up and stared at the person that was when Linkton notice his father was shaking. He quickly turns around and wave off the hunters, and promptly called out to one.

“Take Linkton, go back to the village.” Linkton looks back to the stranger standing in the wreck of the old house, that when he notices his uncle Richard standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the adventures that withstood the wind blast. It seemed as time slowed for linkton, watching as Richard and the adventurers stood there waiting for the lord to charge. But he was brought back to reality when a hunter started to shove him away from the fight, Linkton didn’t react to the hunter pushing due to still being memorized from the ongoing battle. As the lord bolt at the adventures swinging violently as the adventures either dodge or block it blows with their shields. As the hunter force him to turn away from the fighting and screams at Linkton to run for the forest. Then he saw his father standing in the open field in front of him with an arrow pulled tight, while he mutters something under his breath. Magic! Linkton thought to himself, he knew his family all could use magic, but he never saw his father magic. As the muttering continue the tip of the arrow begins to develop a blue aura.

As he watches his father, Linkton decided that he wouldn’t let himself be pushed away from his family at a time like this. Sweeping his leg behind him, he tripped the hunter and drew his sword and begin to Charger back to his uncle, as a bright blue light zoomed pass him slamming into the Lords' eye. At first, the fire had disappeared entirely, then slowly the blue light re-appeared, as Uncle Richard and Adventurers make a dash to get away from the person as the light grows even stronger. Suddenly a massive explosion came from the light sending an intense burst of air knocking linkton to the ground, as he quickly stood up he saw that the giant was still standing, in fact, it looks as if the explosion did nothing. Before he could even resume his charge towards them, Richard and the Adventures were already fighting the Man. Enraged by the arrow the Lord swung blindly around it.

Somehow hitting some of the tried adventures in its rage. As it continues with it strikes, slowly it seemed as if it anger died and its strikes became more thought out and timed. Richard had heard that newly born Lords need time for their memories to return, as well as their strength. Richard knew he would need to end this quickly, but as he thought about how the Lord started to swing rapidly at him. He easily deflected most of the swings until he dodges and rushes the Lord kicking one of his legs out bringing him to a knee. Then suddenly an eerie purplish dark light came from behind Linkton, by the time he had a chance to turn towards the light it had flashed by him blacking out his vision for a second. Then suddenly he was surrounded by a bright yellow circle he recognizes the magic, it was his mother!

This time a soon as the arrow touches the Lord a massive explosion happens, sending an enormous wave of purple flame across the area burning all the surround field into ash. The shockwave still shoves him forward and pin him against the shield that protects him from the fire. As the smoke cleared Linkton heart relaxed as he saw the lord's lying motionless on the ground next to Richard, his mother releases her spell and Linkton starts to run to congratulate his uncle. Richard kicks the body, as he sheaths his great sword, satisfied with the fact it didn’t respond to the kick he starts to walk away from it. “Are you ok!” Linkton slowed down from his trot to a walking pace as he suddenly saw the Lord rise to his feet as he brought his ax above his head and slammed it down onto Richard. Lucky Richard had just enough time to dodge a death blow, but he was surprised when he felt the pain of his arm being sliced clean off.

It had happened so quickly that Richard couldn’t block the second axe as it slammed into his chest sending him flying, linkton bolt towards him trying to catch him. But he was frozen in fear as the lord was somehow was in between them, it piercing dark red eyes cause his mind to go blank. As it swung it axe towards him, but right as it was about to kill him roots burst from the ground wrapping around its arm holding it in place, as roots grip all over his body. Linkton let out a shaky breath, as the Lord jump up to kick him. Sending him flying through the air, as he skids across the burnt field he made small holes from the force of the falls. He laid there gasping for air he couldn’t believe that the power from a single kick was able to cause such pain. As he tried to sit up, but a sharp pain filled his body before throwing up.

“Blood…” Linkton said in between gasps, he once again attempts to sit up, success, after he props himself against a rock. The Lord let out a horrifying scream as it tore the roots from the earth and charges towards Linkton mother and father, as more roots try to stop him. The Lord picks up his speed as he pushes through all the origins until suddenly a mass amount burst through and entangles his whole body, completely consuming it until it was nothing but a lump of roots. The ground starts to vibrate. As the lump explodes there stood the lord consumed by a black aura, barely visible from a small Purple flame that was behind him, his eyes seemed to have little fire coming from them as it lets out one last scream and crouches to a low position. The lord lowers his axes besides him as he launches off at incredible speed when suddenly the purple light from linkton father bow appeared in front of the Lord. Smoke from the explosion spread across the field. At first the lovers felt a sense of relief as the Lord didn’t come out of the smoke, but the fear was soon sweep away from they as a shadow emerge from behind them. But before the shadow could strike root burst from the ground and wrap around it firmly holding it in its spot.

They turn around to see the Lord intangle within the roots. An arm had been torn to bits in the last attack, and he had several cuts across his body from a scatter arrow Linkton Father had hide behind his other magical arrow.

Linkton Could see his Mother and Father talking, at first Linkton just sat there staring at the Lord standing there. He thought it looks weird? Why did it appear as if it was a statue? Adrenaline floods his body as he remembered about his uncle as he launches from his rock and quickly stumble over towards his uncle. This was when he realized that the one blow from the Lord had not only broke multiple rips but also had somehow broken his left arm. He fell to his knees beside his uncle as he looks over his body. Taking his shirt off and trying his best tighten it to his shoulder to stop his bleeding from his arm being cut off. His Mother was the first to rush next to Linkton. She spoke a word that sounded like gibberish to him until her eyes begun to have a faint bluish glow to them.

“I can’t heal him here, The wound seems to cover in some sorta dark magic that was on the lord. We have to bring him to my father! He can help.” She rolled her wrist and roots sprout from the ground and quickly wrap around him, and start to lift him up. Slowly more roots come from the field and combine with the other until it formed into a bird and screech to life. Linkton didn’t waste any time and starts to climb onto it wings when it suddenly takes of knocking him to the ground. As it flies away it pick his mother in its claws and disappears over the tree.

“Stay with me. You know how you’re mom gets.” He wraps an arm around linkton shoulders and turns him to the lord still frozen in place. “This is your destiny. You will kill one them and become a lord slayer. Just like your uncle and I” Linkton stared at the Lord, Could I really take on by myself? He thought to himself when he notices his father face change for the worse from the corner of his eye. Suddenly his father kicks him in the stomach launching away as the Lord slammed into his father sending the roots that held a Lord. “Dad!” Linkton shouted as he attempts to stand were halt with the pain becoming present again, he saw the lord turn towards him. The fear return to Linkton, As the Lord starts to walk towards him, through his blurry eyes Linkton could tell it was hurt and that this was the one that killed Richard. But where did it twin come from? Linkton turn towards the Lord that was still restrained in the roots, to see it still there, still frozen. And his father was lying there at its feet. Unconscious.

He crawled backward as the Lord walks towards him. Suddenly a deep voice Intruded Linkton thoughts, he couldn’t find the source until he realized the strange look that the Lord had given him almost as if it was waiting for him to say something. “Are you frustrated? Lost, and want revenge for the old man.” Linkton looks around in a confusing wonder who was talking and why the Lord had stop moving. The voice asks again this time a little more violent.“Well! Are you frustrated?! Or did you enjoy watching him die?”

Linkton snap “Shut up! You know nothing! You’re nothing, just some hollow husk.” Linkton looks up to see the Lord with a grin across his face and a devious look in its eyes. It turned its head towards his father, Linkton panic and tried to stand, to stop him before he could harm his dad! But as he could the pain pierced his body again, causing him to stumble backward and land on a sword? He grabbed the sword and expected it. It was his uncle, his thought trail off from his father, even the Lord as he thought of his uncle and his great deeds and love for his family.

“You want that back? Trust me. I can’t save the old man, but I can give you the ability to not lose those close to you.” Linkton sat there staring into the Lords' eyes, it was strange all he heard of the Lords was that they were cold, cruel and only wanted death. And here one stood, offering him a chance to stand with his uncle, to protect his family. Linkton shoves the sword into the ground to help him stand up, he looks towards his father laying at the foot of the Lord tagle with roots. “I could protect him, right he is weak.” Linkton felt strange as if he the words he spoke wasn’t his. He exhales and looks back the compassionate eyes, he felt his head node in a weak attempt to accept its offer. The lord didn’t say anything else, he just stood there staring at Linkton. Until it point towards his busted arm, proof of our agreement. Those words filled his head. He knew what was need to be done. Pulling the sword from the ground, he notices his body wasn’t rejecting his motion. In fact, it felt cold, but not uncomfortably cold, instead, sweet.

He lifts his uncle blade as if it was a feather and sprints towards the Lord bringing the edge down on his right shoulder, the edge cut through his flesh as if it was butter. The Lord let out a grunt, then Linkton found himself submerged in darkness. Yet he found himself strangely calm as he felt a coldness start to grow in his body.

When he came too, he found him standing at the start of the path to the old abandoned house, or at least what was left of it. He pauses for a second trying to figure out what had happened within the past couple of minutes. Then as the sun rays made him cover his eyes, he freezes for a second. “Why is the sun out, how long have I been standing here?” He briefly scans the place around him, it only took a second until he notice the body of the Lord lying next to him. He stared at the corpse for some time “Did I kill him?” He asks himself, but some type of sharp pain came from his chest right as he asks. That's when Linkton notice the cold still that his body was in, “Ah…” he let out a sigh reaching for the severed arm and flinging it over his shoulders as he approaches his father, who was still unconscious. As linkton watch his father eyes open, the lord who was entangled in the roots slowly dissipates from its binds. Linkton couldn't help but think of the slaves being free of the chain. He couldn’t help but to smile at his father surprised face of seeing his son standing before him, with a Lord dead in the background and it arm slung over his shoulder.

“I know what my destiny is now.”


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