Danny's Epic Battle

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Danny vs Mosquito!
will she be defeated and left itching or will the mosquito flea the scene.

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



I was really comfortable watching TV and relaxing in my blue bean bag.Until it arrived.


“What the ??!” I jumped out of my bean bag as if my butt was on fire shaking my head from side to side and waving my hands a few centimeters above my head.It was here,invading my property,wanting to suck my blood and leave my skin with itch.

”Not this time you don’t!” I ran to the bathroom grabbed the air fresheners,stood in my battle position and once I spotted it I sprayed with no hesitation.”Ha! take that you damned mosquito!” I said as I kept on pointing the freshener at it.It was an intense battle between me and the mosquito,there was no telling if I’d waste my 5th air freshener in a week or if that mosquito would suck my blood and live me itching, but I was determined to show who the real monkey boss was around here; me.

After a few minutes of war the mosquito left and I was victorious.

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