Suspended Ambition

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A man takes a trip through the dark corners of his mind to accomplish his own passing.

Complete the story, and find the meaning, through the chronological bolded words.

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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Submitted: July 23, 2013



An entity is a thing (whether it be object, place, or person) with existence and independence.

I begin this journey with the end of the world. It’s December 1, and I’m the only survivor. If anyone is reading this, I urge you not to fear. A foreign desire, nonetheless, to dismantle, eradicate, and obliterate any form of fear. Allow me to elaborate.


We go through three stages in our existence. Birth, life, and finally death. In our life span, we get to witness all. And it’s the final stage that strikes fear. I witnessed death everywhere. Death lurks all around us. It stands behind you, floats above you, and watches you. And when death took its toll on everything, it sent me into fear.


I sat in the corner of my bunker with fear by my side, and confusion in my head. I sat there thinking….why me? Death wiped everyone off the face of this planet, yet left me.


I woke up from a long and relaxing sleep locked in this bunker. It has been too long for me to remember.  All there was, was a barred window. Beyond that window, was nothing but darkness. The only source of light was from a light bulb, in the center of the room. And it didn’t even have an on or off switch, nor any source of electricity.


I hoped to escape, so I threw my body against the window. There was also a door, but it was impossible to open, so I screamed, yelled, and cried for help, yet no response, only the sounds of my panting. I fell back and stayed silent, until insanity kicked in. Death….Death….Death, it was in this room. I felt it’s cold breath on my shoulder, watching me. I begged it to just end me, and rid me off this world, but did not listen.


And soon, I heard a knock on the window. I jumped up and faced the window hoping for something, anything. Yet nothing emerged, and as I turned around in disappointment, I watched as a crack on the wall began. I quickly dug my fingers and hands into it, trying to break free. Slowly, a light was beaming into the room from this crack. I went faster, and harder, ignoring the blood and pain. The wall then collapsed into dust, and the light hit me so hard, I closed my eyes, and felt only but its warmth crawling on my skin. And I ascended through the light with fear of what’s to come.



With the blinding light it was difficult to direct myself, until I felt a door. I opened it and walked in and then I saw it. No…it’s not possible. A light bulb in the middle of the room, and on the right a barred window?!?! I quickly turned around and watched as the door shut on my face. I then ran against it trying to open it, but there was no result. I was back where I started. Again, I felt Death’s cold breath on my shoulder, which sent chills down my spine. Then I heard Death’s whisper, “The darkness is what consumes.”


The window, which holds darkness between it and I, begins cracking. And I sat against the wall, facing the window as the cracks increase, as if it was the timer to my end, and my time gets closer to conclusion as my blood runs out.


As I write these last words on the floor, in my own blood, my time ends, and so does fear’s.


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