The short triple stories

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I wrote those Three short stories:

Non-existents killers, it is a story about two very good professional killers,

That Agent, story about very special agent,

Form of immortally
Story about someone, who just become vampire.

Originally I wrote those short stories in my language, but because I wanted more feedback , I decided to translate my work in English, I hope that my translation is okay.

I also published this work, as a free e-book on smashwords:

And at the end of stories is also short survey:
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Submitted: June 03, 2014

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Submitted: June 03, 2014



The short triple stories:



I wrote those short stories that I had on mind for long time, and finally wrote them for school project. At the end of stories there is link for a simple survey that will help me to decide which story I will focus further.



Non-existents killers

It is the year 2024, Paris. In the room with a lot of computer equipment, unknown man was observing monitors. Almost all monitors were displaying one man, his name was Antigo Landor, a newspaper reporter, who will do everything for his stories. About month ago, he wrote article on Chinese mafia with a lot of details. Because of this in the last month, there were five attempts on his life and police were forced to take him under protection.

Antigo came out from hotel, with undercover policeman to the car that was waiting for him.


Man in the room, trough microphone send message to his partner.


“He is in the car, to the event approximately four minutes.”


“Mafia is already eagerly waiting for him, and they fall somehow easy on lie, that he has even more data about them and that he wants money in exchange.”


She (the partner) replied and man immediately responded.


“They fall on lie all okay, but they check very trough, and verify accurately of data and there was no problem. You know, we always do everything perfectly, and anyone who would checking that data would came to the same conclusion.”


“Okay I only hope that explosion would really looked like a coincidence” she replied to the partner and he just grinned and replied back.


“It will, you just must hit on the right place and he will go in the air”.


When man stopped talking, the car drove away and the other vehicle around his car were, obvious masked police cars, one car at the front and two more at the back. Their destination was a safe house, just outside of the city, about one hour away with car. About half hour later the convoy of car stopped because of discontinuing car of foreign embassies. Just ten second later two car rushed out of nowhere and squeezed embassy car in sandwich. Form those two car came out for armed masked man and started forcing ambassador out of the car.


Officer in charge, who was sitting in the second car next to Antigo, suddenly yelled out.


“Immediately fall back and find another way, we cannot afford to be catch under fire from unknown force.”


Before he ended giving commands to subordinates, suddenly truck showed himself and rushing towards them. With high speed truck crushed into cars behind them pushed them to the sides of road. At the same time, another care came out with four new attackers, who immediately started shooting on their car and attackers who previously attack ambassador also joined that attack.


“Do something!”


Antigo yelled at the officer in charge, but he could only helplessly watched and called out for backups. When he finally got responds from backups, the fuel under car which pure out of pierced gas tank ignited, and two or three second later, fire reached the gas tank and the car exploded.


“Excellent” muttered man in the room.


“Clean up and go to location C” he added.


“Okay” partner replied and she began to clean up her location.


She just had special sniper rifle in hands, with which she added additional fire in attack. That rifle was adjusted for ammunition used for normal 9 mm pistol and without leaving notched on bullets, which normally helped police to determined weapon that was used. In additions used bullets already had previously made notched, which matched with one weapon of attackers. Ammunitions also had additional gun powder, so that she could fire those bullets from distances of 300 m (328 yards). First she pierced gas tank and later she just have hit spilled fuel on road. It sound easy but all this was only possible thanks to weeks of precise planning and calculations.

After eliminating the target, man in the room typed massage on computer and call client, who listened to computer generated voice, that job was finished and demand to rest of the pay.


Later his partner called and asked.


“So there is no connection to the client” and her partner (man in the room) answered.


“Of course not, you know that I planned to Antigo clues abbot Chinese mafia and send them info that he has even more detailed data, that he planned use in new article. Thank to this Chinese had to react and actually lunched attacks on him and with that completely cover our tracks and actual client of Antigo murder”.


“And what would Chinese do to you, if they knew how you use them” she, his partner replied wit question.


“Nothing, since they have no clue what actual happened. We didn’t leave any trace and now only brokers for clue and hints must die in random accident, and everything is finished”, he answered and ended conversation.


Few days later when they finished with clean up and destroying reaming evidence, they meet on secure location. On that location they confirmed that client pied the last part of payment, usually their client pay half with ordering assassination and second half when job is finished. After that, they went to the airport and with plane to location of new contract.

The end



That Agent

“Beep, beep, beep, beep ……..”


What is that sound, he though and tried to open the eyes, but just for this he used all his strength, and what he saw, was a scene from nightmare. He was in some king of glass tube full of unknown liquid and oxygen was receiving trough pipes directly to the lungs. On the other side of glass was a huge laboratory full of similar tubes and none of them was empty. But the most horrifying thing was not view at the lab, but beings in it, they were little similar to human skeleton, covered with dark gray mucus and their limbs were ended with long tentacles. One of the beings came closer to his tube and moved skull towards the glass so close that it is almost touched. At that moment, he suddenly felt terrible pain in head, and scene at the lab and beings in it disappeared. It was replaced with scene, where he was dressed in military uniform and armed. Soon he heard voice inside his head and it was saying.


“Target confirmed, immediately remove the target”.


He immediately took out is weapon (vintage rifle) and directed towards someone who look like same general, and shoot him once, twice in the area of heart and general fell with his back on the ground. After shooting others soldier finally realized what was going on and opened fire in general defend. His body was suddenly full of holes and bullets, and bright red blood with slightly orange hue was pouring out from his wounds. When few bullets hit his head, a sound of metal hitting at metal was heard. At that time a pain appeared in his head stronger that anything he felt before. It was so strong that he immediately lost consciousness and fell into a deep darkness.


“Agent. Agent wake up, I have a report for you”, someone called him.


It was a tall man, who just came into office and it was in his fifties with short grey hair. A man who was called, shocked for a moment as he just wake up and turned away from the window. By appearance he was in the thirties, but facial features were showing much greater age. He also had blond hair with dark shade, and his image was completed with very formal suit and sunglasses.


“Yes please”, Agent answered.


“Is everything okay, you do not look all right,” was he asked by anxiously subordinate.


“Nothing special, just bad memories from the past, and what is on report Sid”


“Ah, that`s right your past is really outrageous. Ahm (he coughed), according to report we noticed that one or two, are perhaps in Miami” Sid finally spook abbot report.


“Hmm” Miami so, please prepare FBI licenses, I personally will go since I got bored from too little work,” Agent commanded.


“Yes Agent”


Sid replied and go out of the office, and started preparations for departure.


One day later in Miami, Detective Odin was preparing with SWAT to raid drug gang. Their purpose is to break into warehouse for drug at the moment when there were VIPs from gang. When they finished preparations, they broke into warehouse. At the entrance they already encountered resistance of two guards, they manage disable those two guard soon, so they could go forward. SWAT went to the center of warehouse, when detective Odin spotted two suspect, which fled towards secret exit.


“Hands up, Miami police,” Odin yelled at suspects.


One suspect turn around and opened fire at Odin, who immediately return fire and managed to hit suspect in shoulder. Suspect grabbed his shoulder, because he was bleeding a lot from the wound. Suspect replaced there role so that the wounded one could flee away while the other was with firing at Odin with purpose of distracting him.

When the SWAT came back, they managed to disable and arrested one suspect but in mean time a wounded one already escaped.


Later on police station Odin started unbelievable in forensic report and listened to his partner comforting.


“Odin is not your fault that you saw wrong, you were under heavy fire and suspect was likely pretending to be hit. So that he would distract, you from firing at him. Since we police do not fire at wounded suspects, as long they do not poses danger.”


“Impossible! I absolutely hit him and saw his blood. I don’t get at how forensics didn’t find anything!” was Odin saying in despair.


“Hmm, the only thing they found was strange oil stains that contain few drops of blood, but way too little for the wound caused with firearms,” his partner replied.


Odin finally had enough about that and went with his partner Ryan to questioning suspect.


“If you betray your associates, especially the one who escaped today, and you will get at the prosecutor point for reducing sentence”


Was Odin persuading suspect, who did not say nothing, even his name and he did not carried any documents about his identity. Suspect was just smiling and still say nothing, so Odin leaned towards him and spoke.


“If you do not cooperated, you risk a life sentence, since you use deadly force on us”


Suspect in response tilted his head a little forward in spat directly in Odin face. Odin reacted with hitting suspect in the face and caused scratch. Odin cursed, because he failed to hold back, but few second later he was astonished. Reason for this was blood from suspect scratch that had dark oil similar fluid. When he realized that, previous event that day become more explained. When Odin tried to spoke about that, door to the interview room was forcibly opened and Odin reacted very angry.


“Who dares to disturb the interrogation!”


“FBI special Agent”


Said the man medium build with sunglass and dark blonde hair, who just came to interview room, and said.


“I came here to take over suspect, who is linked to very confidentially things”


“What are you talking, he is my suspect, if you think I would hand over him just because you are FBI, you are mistaken” Odin Replied.


“Do not worry, I’m not “just” the FBI, please call me That Agent.”


Agent replied and indicated to his agent, who came with him to take suspect and at the same time he dropped on the table all necessary documents including even judge order. Odin could only helplessly watched and spoke.


“What do you mean by That Age…..”


He paused mid-sentence, because he noticed that the suspect become very pale and started to shake and urged to Odin,


“Do not give me away, I will give you any information you want” was suspects in despair begged Odin as if he was just sentenced a death penalty.


Agent laugh at his words and replied.


“What nonsense are you talking, the moment you came “here” you belong under my jurisdiction and from now also under my order.”


When argument ended, his agents finally took suspect, he said goodbye and went to the convoy of vehicles for transporting the suspect. Odin and Ryan could just helplessly watching and thinking what the hell happened, and who is the agent who introduce himself as “That Agent”.

The end



Form of immortality

In a dark room, the quiet sound of something, which cut through meat, young man held a young woman which he bite in neck and slowly drank her blood. When he drank, his body finally reacted to the blood, and he felt how his body begun to change.


"I finally succeed"


He thought, and stopped drinking blood, then lay down on the floor laughed and waited for the change to finish. He slightly laughed and showed his teeth, which were completely normal for humans but not for long. Only few minutes later his body began to quiver, his skin begun to acquire more and more paler hue, and his teeth becoming increasingly more sharper, especially fangs (canines), and his eyes that were green before, now they become red, and line is formed, as have some of the beast.

When the change finished, he stands up and went into another room, this room was full of medical and lab equipment. He sat in a special chair and started to explore his new body. He especially devoted to his blood, which he tested with all possible elements, especially those that would be toxic to mythical creatures such as vampires, correction not so mythical anymore. When he finished the examination, he turned on recorder and started with the report:


“After 50 attempts a change finally succeed, and result is a body that resembles a vampire from myths, blood test showed that the body is more sensitive for toxins, then the human body which is especially for heavy metals and some plants but not to the extent that it would be problematic and skin is ten time more sensitive to daylight.

Experiment confirmed my theory, that immortality can only be done if you take someone else life energy and blood serves as a medium. Although previous experiment showed that the blood itself has some life energy but not enough to achieve immortality”.


When he finished the report, he sat at the computer, and started checking reports and information on the various cities, to find if there are any other vampires, as his latest experiment proved that they exist. The similarity between his body and that in myths was too large, to be a coincidence and it was also proof that the vampires exist, at least in the past. He previously investigated that possibility but without success, because if he managed to get some sample, transformation would success much sooner. Now when he managed to become a vampire and not as a vampire that has been altered by an infection from another vampire or born as a vampire (investigation showed that vampires have reproductive properties), but as a human who has managed to turn himself into a vampire, therefore, as the original vampire with properties and abilities much higher than normal vampires.

He intended to go in the British Library, where they have a lot of books from the time of myths about vampires. Once he already visited, but that time did not found anything. He planned to visit again, because of his new abilities, he was capable to detect books containing only drop of blood, and books that were merely in the hands of a vampire.  He could also now investigated in the night-time, when the library is closed. On computer he was checking cities, because he planned stop in a way to library, in place with a high degree of attacks, which had at least unofficially result of blood loss. Previous investigations carried out, did not have desired discoveries since the attacks were solely among homeless people, and wounds were made with a knife, but a vampire could cut the body of the victim with a knife and then drank the blood, to avoid the imprint of his teeth on the victim. When he finished reviewing information, he called a taxi and went to the airport for the flight to Munich, where they were those cases.

The end


If you have any more time, I would ask you if you can solve this simple survey as I already explained in introductions:

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