Dollhouse Babies

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Why do dolls look so lifelike?

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



Dollhouse Babies

Dolls line the windowsills,

She stares at them and strokes their ever soft skin.

She touches their pouty lips,

She stares into their sparkling eyes.

Nobody can see the life behind their eyes,

Screaming help me, help me.

They captured their young souls,

Turned them into black.

Into an eternal darkness,

Strangling all signs of happiness inside of them.

First the dollmakers skin them of their imperfect flesh,

And replace it with fake porcelain.

Then the dollmakers force the young child's frightened eyes to open,

They sew the lashes tight into their flesh behind the porcelain.

Next they remove their limbs and place the porcelain in again.

By now the young soul has died,

Yet is trapped inside the porcelain shell in rotting flesh,

The only way to see is through those glassy, sparkling eyes.

They watch them come in to pay,

Yet they have no idea how priceless those dollhouse babies really are.


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