Holiday Memories

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jason's feeling a bit down about this coming holiday. What's the point in it at all? As the decorating and merrymaking get underway, Jason just get's more sad as the reality that his Grams won't be with him this holiday. Is there anything that can change his mind, and bring back his love of the season?

“Wow, just wow, who goes so overboard on a simple holiday?”, Jason said staring at the cacophony of decorations spewed about the house.

“Come on Jason, It’s Christmas!”, yelled back his Mother Amber from the den. Jason had never felt any special connection to the holidays; it just wasn’t the same without Grams. He stalked to his rooms, dejected and disgusted with the sheer amount of holiday cheer surrounding him. He slumped onto his bed and stared at the ceiling. Thoughts of Christmases past echoed in his mind. How could it really be Christmas without Grams? She always could make any day special, but Christmas was her greatest time ever.

Finally, fed up with the ghosts of lost warmth and innocence, Jason went for a stroll around the block. The wind was icy, and the clouds promised snow. Everywhere he turned, the holidays glared out at him. From houses to parks to the local stores, everything was decadently festive. As it began to grow darker, Jason sat on one of the cold swings in the park, and tried not to reminisce about the years gone by. As he fought the down the memories that begged for attention, he heard a voice.

“Mind if I join you?”, the stranger asked. Jason shrugged; he didn’t own the swings so he couldn’t say no. “What a wonderful time, I just love the holidays, don’t you?”, The stranger asked.

“Not really.”, Jason sighed.

“Oh? Why not?”, The stranger inquired.

“Just don’t. There’s nothing special about this time of year, so why care about it?”, Jason replied as depression grasped him.

“You’re missing the whole reason for it. It’s not about the weather, it’s about the heart. This is the only time of the year where people seem to find peace and happiness. People are nice to each other around the holidays. Families get in touch with each other, even over long distances just to wish them happiness. It’s the holidays that bring out the best in most people.”, The stranger said wistfully.

“Yeah, but not everyone can always be there.”, Jason replied, fighting tears. The image of his smiling Grams crept into his imagination.

“No, you’re wrong. If you hold the holidays close, like those that came before you, they are still with you. Bringing happiness to others, giving of yourself to make someone’s day a little brighter, warms your heart and lives up to the memories of those that have passed.”, The stranger said cheerfully.

Jason thought on this, was his bad mood really an insult to his Grams. If she was still here, she would be cross with him. She’d tell him to cheer up and give him some hot cocoa, and his sadness would melt like snow in the sun. Maybe, if he got in the spirit of the holidays, he’d feel like Grams was still here.

“Thanks mister…..” Jason began to say. As he turned to face the stranger, the swing sat empty. No sign that anyone had even sat there beside him. Strange, that guy couldn’t have gotten away so fast. As he looked around, the creaking of the swing caught his attention. There, where the stranger had been, sat a mug of cocoa. It was hot, and had little green and red marshmallows. The happy snowman on the side seemed to invite him to have a sip.  It was just as Grams used to do. A smile overtook Jason’s face as he took hold of the mug. Snow began to trickle down as he drank and walked cheerfully home. As Jason went back into his house, he yelled, “Mom, where’s the tinsel?”

Submitted: December 16, 2014

© Copyright 2021 dark misery. All rights reserved.

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I liked this story! So nice and simple yet so detailed and I just loved it! I really like the character Jason! Great job :) xox, Beth

Tue, December 16th, 2014 10:30pm


Glad you liked it!

Tue, December 16th, 2014 10:34pm

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