Death Dealer

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A young teen boy make a deal with death to save his girlfriend life. Death soon start killing seven of the teen family and friends to complete the deal. Will the boy stop death and set things right? Or is he about to enter a nightmare he can't wake up from?

Submitted: February 13, 2014

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Submitted: February 13, 2014



 If you had the chance to bring back the ones you love most in life would you do it; even if the price of it is the life of others? Well then if you are one of those people that said yes to this, then pay close attention to this story. This story will show you that if you make a deal with death itself, you better prepared to suffer the consequence of your choice. 

Life is a funny thing. You never know what you have until it is torn away from you. Sadly, Jason Bridge learned that the hard way.

Our story starts on July 10, 1996. Jason was at his best friend Danny Lopez's house. Danny was a tall slim kid. With grey eyes and streak of white hair. His house may not have been much of a sight on from the outside but inside it was a museum of thing from Africa to the Middle East.

It was just like every other Friday night, until Danny took out a book he brought last week. Now Jason like to hear Danny talk about the supernatural but what he had to say tonight caught Jason’s attention. 

Danny said to Jason, “Hey man, you got to hear this story about a deal with death,”

“Ok, Danny, there is no such thing as a deal with death,” said Jason But Danny began to tell Jason how kings in ancient times would make a deal with death to bring back dead soldiers from their grave to battle in the wars when they were losing them.

Jason asks Danny how they made the deal. Danny said that they would give up seven drops of blood to bring forth death and tell it what they wish for. Many times the deals were not to bring back the dead, but to give one a wife or great fortune.

Jason left Danny’s house feeling kind of scared ,wondering if what he had to say was true or not. Jason kept the thought of it in his head for a few days. Until one night when he had a dream of a car crash and saw a blood soak body. The dream disturbs Jason and he spends the rest of the night trying to get it out his head. 

The next day Danny tried to tell the rest of the story to Jason at the skate park but Jason was too scared from last night to listen. In any case if Jason would have only listened to Danny, he would have avoided this mess but he didn’t listen to what Danny had to say. So now the day that will forever change his life is coming up fast like a cheetah hunting its prey. No escape from this point on!

Later that day Jason took his girlfriend Melissa Hemandez out to the movies. The night seemed normal at first; Jason had completely forgotten the dream he had. It was a cruel thing for fate to make him forget the dream. Cause whether he knew it or not that dream was about to become a reality he could never escape from.

Out of nowhere it started to rain, the rain got heavier and heavier as the minutes pass. Jason quickly turned on the window wipers, but that didn’t help him out one bit. As the seconds went by Jason starts seeing his dream come true. Now all he could think about was if the bloody soak body was his or someone else. He tries to keep his cool, trying to stay focus, but it was as if nature itself was against him in this. Then out of nowhere a car come from around the corner. He tries to turn so he could miss it, and miss it he does. But now he can’t get the car to balance out and it turns over. When he comes thorough, he looks to his right only to see that his girlfriend Melissa is cut up by the glass and wreckage of the car. His dream came true, now the nightmare he can never escape from is here. Now the fun begins.

He dispirits to keep her alive, but he can’t leave her side or she may die. He crawls to the wreckage of the car to look for his cell phone. He fined it, only to learn that the phone is destroyed. Out the corner of his mind he remembers the death deal. He remembers that Danny told him that if one wishes to make a deal with death they must give up seven drops of blood. Now Jason may have had good intentions when he did this. But to summon death itself, is a death wish for many. Jason gives up seven drops of blood to death. The winds grew stronger and violent, lighting scream across the sky and a dark red light rise from the ground. Then there was a loud bang. Jason wonder did it work or was the lost of blood getting to him.

A car pulls up and out of it come a man dress in all black from the shoes on his feet to the hat he have on his head. The man walks with a strong and bold walk. The rhythm of his steps send chills troughs out the air. The look of his face shows that he has no fear. Then there the smile that twisted smile of the man that scare the life out of Jason body. The smile gave Jason a cold feeling in his body; it was as if it was telling him to stay away from this man. A feeling he should had act on. The man said these word “My, seem like you got in a bit of an accident here young man. Don’t worry now I take you two to the hospital and have you check out. Just help me get her in the back seat ok.” Jason had a bad feeling about this guy but was glad for the help. The man told him to keep an eye on Melissa and to update him if her condition gets worst.

 The car came to a freighting stop in front of the hospital; the two was quickly rush to the emergency room for their wounds. Jason was ok, all he need was a few stitches but Melissa was not so lucky. She was in a coma and slowly dying. The doctor said she had only five to six days to live. The man dress in black came in to her room and asks Jason how she was doing. Jason told the man that she will die in about a week. Then the man said “That to bad my friend, if only I have gotten there sooner”. Jason asks for the man name and the man said “My name is Death my boy”. Jason was scared, did he actually summoned death and was he staring it in the face.  

The man gave a wicked and twisted smile and said “I can bring her back and make it so, that these terrible things never happen”. Jason asks how and the man said “All I will need is seven souls from seven people that you know and this will never happen”. Now you can understand what Jason was going thought, his girlfriend is going to die and now he have a way of preventing it at the cost of other that is. Jason said to the man “Sir you got yourself a deal” and shock the man hand on it. The man looks at Jason and said “Kid you just made a death deal”. As the man said it the light flash on an off, screams could be heard all over the place and a mighty windblown thought the hospital with and evil aura around it. Death is going to have fun now. 

The next day Jason awake and thinks all that happen was a nightmare but it wasn’t, his girlfriend is still dying and the man dress in all black is at the door way with a lit cigarette. He looks at Jason and cracks a smile at him and walk out the room. Jason ask him where he going and the man had this to say “I going to get started on the deal ok kid and call me DEATH you got that”. Jason look at DEATH walk out the room and a sudden chill cover him, like an evil force is around him. 

Jason didn’t know what to think of this, but he knew that it was a bad idea. When he got home his parent ask if he was ok, he told them that he was. They didn’t blame him for what happen, it was an unsuspected storm that all. He left to visit Danny hopping that sometime with a friend will help him feel more relax. When Jason got to Danny house he saw Danny sitting outside, this always meant that something was bugging him. When Danny saw Jason he look at him and said how it going. Jason yelled at him and said “How do you think it going, my whole life is a living hell and you ask how it going”. Danny looks at him and told him to sit down and have a bottle of soda.

Danny said to Jason that life is a funny thing you never know what you have until it torn away from you. Jason looked at him and said “This must be a cruel joke by God, just to test my faith in him”. Danny laughs and said “That if God was testing his faith he could come up with something way better than this crap.” This is nothing compare to the stuff I went throw bro, cause have you forgotten that I live with my older sister cause the rest of my family is dead man. Jason had forgotten that nearly all of Danny family was gone, that his sister was the only family he had since he was 7. Jason always had a hard time believing that Danny lived with his sister for 10years and never once visited his family grave site.

Jason envy that about Danny how he never let the worst of thing get to him, how he always had a positive outlook on life and the world. Danny told Jason that the world always come at him head on and never cut him a break in life so he must be ready to take it head on. Danny said to Jason that if he ever needed any help with anything he will help. So Jason ask him about the death deal, Danny look him in the eyes and told him to forget about it. Jason notices the look of fear in Danny eyes when he said it and drops the subject.

It was close to midnight now and Jason was going to head home, lucky for him Danny live up the block from him so he never worried when he was going home. Before he left Danny said to Jason that if he wish to know more about death deals to meet him at his house tomorrow. That night a dream of pure evil came to him and woke him up, next to his bed was DEATH with a big grin on his face. DEATH told him that the first of seven souls had been taken, he told Jason to watch the morning news to find out who it was before heading over to Danny house. Before Jason could say anything DEATH was gone, no light no wind no noise, he was never there.

Death the end of life and the beginning of the afterlife, when one no longer has the power to continue with their life. Some may have the will to live and if they do they become one of two thing death itself or a ghost. Now here a question for you all, which would, you like to run in to a ghost or death? If you said a ghost you better pray that it not piss off like hell or if you said death you better pray that it wasn’t a former serial kill who kill for the thrill of it. Now kids we got off the subject of the story let get back to a lesson you will never forget, I pray you don’t or do I!

Jason did as DEATH told him to do the next day. Before he went to Danny house he look at the news and saw that his friend Chris was found dead in his sleep by his mom. Jason got scared, he started thinking that everyone he knew could be the next soul but who he kept asking himself who? Jason went to leave for Danny and he notice that everything was black and white except for him. DEATH appeared out of nowhere and said that he had stop time to show Jason something.

DEATH had stop time to show Jason how he killed his friend Chris. DEATH said “I  kill him in his dream the same way Freddy kill teen in all his movie , which by the way is a great way to spice up killings if I do say so myself”. Jason told him he was a sick monster and all DEATH did was crack a wick smile and laugh out loud. The laugh was so loud that a powerful wind came forth and the earth itself started to shake out of control. DEATH said to him let me show you how I did the deed my friend.

Jason couldn’t believe his eyes, he was inside Chris dream. Jason knew that Chris always dreamed of being a NASCAR racer but what he saw was to horrifying for him and to horrifying for us to describe or talk about cause the way DEATH played around with this kid was cruel and wrong , so I can’t tell you how but I will any way cause that how I am . DEATH rams his car and keeps popping the tires of his car so he would spin out of control and hit the wall. He then blows up the car and let Chris run out screaming in pain. The smell of burning flesh was too strong for Jason to stomach but not for DEATH. He kept that wicked smile on his face and laughs like a wild beast. He never let Chris die untie it was 3:33 am on Sunday. DEATH told Jason that it was the 3rd Sunday of the 3rd month of the 3rd year Chris lived in his new home.

Jason was sick by the event, kneeing over to vomit. DEATH however watches him and kept telling him how he need to man up and get use to this stuff. Jason was about to yell at DEATH until he realize he was back in his house as if time had never stopped. He quickly ran to Danny house to tell him what had happen but before he can get half way DEATH reappears. DEATH warns Jason that if he tells anybody about the death deal that person would have to die. The look of fear on Jason face amuses DEATH. He was kind enough to tell Jason that he is allowed to find out more about a death deal, seeing how so few know what it is and what the details are

As Jason arrives at Danny’s, he saw him sitting outside once again. Jason was starting to worry about Danny. He was sitting outside more often now. Danny said to Jason “Man I really starting to regret telling you about the whole death deal thing. I’ve been having these weird dreams of a figure hidden in the shadows watching me nonstop. It’s becoming very creepy now.” Jason was quick to reply “Tell me what did this figure look like I need to know now, did it look like a man, was it dress in all black.” Danny said” Yea that the figure in my dream but the one thing that stand out is that smile, that wicked as hell smile.” When Danny said that Jason was about to tell him he made a death deal, but DEATH warning came to his mind. So he asks Danny if he could find out more about the death deals. Danny was shock by this but he agreed to, he could tell by the look on Jason face that his questions would not be answer.

As Jason left Danny house he saw DEATH standing at the corner of the street. As he walked toward DEATH he notice that time had stop once again and the place turn black and white. Now if it was you or me, I pretty damn sure we would have walked away from death instead of toward it. But Jason must have known that death would have still caught up to him one way or another.

DEATH told Jason that the second soul had been taken. Jason was eager to know who the second soul was. DEATH then looks up at the sky and said “Heaven is not a place in the sky, but a place in your heart. If you wish for happiness then you must make it on your own. Heaven is here on earth with those you care for. When you die your idea of heaven becomes a reality to and soon that reality will blend with those that also care for you.” Jason was shock to hear something so deep from DEATH. The being that always had a wicked smile on his face whenever he was up to something. Then Death look at him and Jason found himself in his brother house.

Jason looked at DEATH and said “not him, please not him. I begging you DEATH don’t tell me you killed him.” DEATH simply shocks his head no and Jason was glad until DEATH said those four words that will ruin Jason for life. “JUST WAIT AND SEE.” Jason turns around to see DEATH push his brother down the stairs. He didn’t die by a broken neck but die by a pipe going through his heart. A pipe that was to be use to fix up his house but instead was use to put an end to his life. Jason in a fit of rage came at DEATH with a punch, but DEATH caught the punch and broke Jason arm as if it was a twig. DEATH stared at Jason as he rolled on the floor in pain, just watching the blood slowly flow out. “Now that was a foolish thing to do now was it Jason. Your brother was only my second soul; I still got 5 more souls and only 4 days left to take them. I will heal that arm I just crush and don’t worry it be free no one needs to die for it to be healed ok” said DEATH.

 Jason soon found himself back on the street corner, only 10 minutes have pass and he wondering why have DEATH allowed time to pass by. As he wonders this he started thinking about what Danny had told him about death deals. The dealer has a limited control over time and space; they can freeze time but only for a period of time. They are able to show you events that took places in the past but cannot take you to the past or future. They can travel anywhere in the world and bring you along with them and take object as well. They have super strength and extreme speed none of which can be match be any human. Death can be the perfect hero or the perfect villain depending on who is making the deal. But every representative of death was once a human who was chosen to be agents of death in a sense until they have earned the right to pass on.

Then DEATH appeared once more saying to Jason that he was chosen to be an agent of death 237 years ago. That he died on his 19 birthday by his younger brother who wanted the family wealth. He then added that he had the honor of taking his younger brother life when he was 72. DEATH told Jason that he has been an agent of deaths longer than any one before him. That agents of death only server death for about 150 years but he is going on to 250 in just 13 more years. He says that he holds the record for longest active duty in the field. DEATH also tells Jason that he turn down the right to pass on for the past 189 years. Jason ask DEATH why is he telling him this and how did he know what he was thinking. DEATH then say to Jason that death always knows what people think and that he felt Jason should know about his past and early career as an agent of death or death dealer.

Jason of course is puzzle by this new information given to him by DEATH, why would someone turn down the chances to pass on in to the next world? DEATH tell Jason that he won’t pass on until people forget about the death deal, forget it was every made and stop making them. Jason replies that someone will always know about the death deal, which you can’t stop it from being found out. He then go on to mark a smart remark saying what will DEATH do kill every human in the world. DEATH looks at Jason and says “If it comes to it then I will.”

Jason looks at DEATH and calls him a murders monster that just has nothing more than a desire to kill. DEATH with a simple and yet wicked grin on his face say which such a calm voice “ I was going to go easy on your heart with the next kill but seeing how I a murder’s monster I just strike close to home boy. If I was you I would run home and say good bye to mommy and daddy because they won’t be getting up in the morning.”

Jason ran home praying that his parents were still alive. As he reaches his home he heard two screams come from his house. He ran in to find DEATH standing over his parents lifeless bodies. Jason drop to the ground and broke out in tears. DEATH grabs Jason by the collar of his shirt and said “I got three souls left to take and I’m going to take all three by the end of the night! You can’t stop me from doing the deal boy! You best friend Danny and his sister are next. I suggest you call and say you final good bye to them both!” Death then faded away into the shadows.

Jason grabs his phone and called Danny house as fast as he could. When Danny answered the phone, Jason told him all about the deal he made with DEATH. Danny said he already knew Jason made a deal with DEATH. When Jason asked how Danny only reply was that DEATH is staring him in the eyes. Jason scream, for Danny to run to safety. Danny reply was that there was nowhere for him to run. Danny has accepted his fate and was prepared to die. Jason begged for Danny to run and hide only to hear Danny say good bye.

DEATH had taken six souls now. Only one soul remained and Jason was defeated. He couldn’t bring back those that have died or cancel the deal. He was down and out. The only thing he could do was find the seventh soul and try to protect them from DEATH. DEATH appeared behind Jason and whispered in his ear that he should be with his girlfriend Melissa. Jason rushed to the hospital to be by Melissa side. When he entered her room he saw DEATH standing over her. Jason demanded that DEATH leave her alone. DEATH cracked a grin and said to Jason that he had come for the final soul. DEATH stabs Jason in the chest with his right hand. Jason falls to the floor and asks DEATH why he stabbed him. DEATH tells Jason that he is the seventh soul of the deal.

As Melissa start to awake from her coma she see Jason on the floor dying of blood lose. She looks up to see DEATH looking at her. She asks what he done and DEATH answers he can save Jason if she offers up seven drops of blood. Jason tries to warn her but all he does is cough up blood. She cut her index finger and squeeze out seven drops of blood. DEATH cracks a wick if not truly twisted grin and says “It never truly ends!”

Death deals are the tools that lead to our own demise. They break us and create us. We are their masters and yet their loyal servants’. We follow their orders to the grave. Behold death, the power that binds all life.

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