- Rain of blood -

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Hmm,read the poem,and see.lol :)

Submitted: August 19, 2009

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Submitted: August 19, 2009



Drop a bullet

kill me now

It would be better

i dont wanna be alive

I dont wanna be right here

where I am

dying slowly

So fast!

Drop a bullet into my head

smah me now

i dont wanna breathe

i dont wanna know

i dont wanna see

the pain

the tears

the screams

the yelling,

my life

my terror.

I loved you so

You hurt me!!

I trusted i trusted

but i knew it,theres no excuses!

I can't erase all those memories

I cant erase all those feelings

You hurt me bad.

Your words

your smiles

your fake love

not at all.

Tears start to fall down as heavy rain

Please,can you erase my memories

please,my rain,my happines

can't you help me now

I need it more then ever

please i need it so.

Drop a bullet in my head

smash me now

I dont wanna breathe

i dont wanna know

i dont wanna see.

I just want to hit the floor

Drown in my blood.


Why do I beg for life,when I want to die?

Why do I beg for death,when I do not wanna live?!

Holding on to you!Fading.....

Soon it will become a memory?

I know what will happen.Im not a fool.

I just wanna go away.

I wanna lose my memory.

Memory....This life's killing me!

It could be now!It could be now!

I can die,I tried it once,feels so good

I wanna go

I cant live this way

No more!!

Hipocracy Im one of them

Why do I complain?

Hipocracy Im one of them.

Why can't I accept?

Clock is ticking,too fast,too fast

My eyes wide open

scream so loud

so loud!!

My enemy came right here.

My enemy wants to stab that dagger

My enemy,my enemy.

Smile so perfect!!

I can't let.

I have to pay,but this is not the way.

I want to be kill by your answer

your perfect perfect answer

flying so high

looking for my heart

It's so close,I can feel it.

Not a moment.

Not a sound.

Not a tic.

We had our moment,

now it's gone!!!!!!

My body falls down

falls down like a crow in the black sky

Here comes the shocking end!

A drum hits so loud

Im lying  dead.

Haha,I drowned in my own blood.

Now watch me die!!!

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