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Submitted: June 17, 2008

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Submitted: June 17, 2008



Along time ago I had

alot of friends.

Along time ago,I was a

happy child,

Along time ago I was never


Along time ago I was different.

But now....

Now I dont have alot of


Now I am not a happy child.

Now I am often sad.

Now I am different.

Now is always here,and Now

will follow you everywhere.

I know this feeling wont go away,

I know that that day I will never

forget,I know that Now Im who

I am.I know.

Shadow is always following me,

Night is my friend.Lonlyness is

my life.Darkness and dishonesty

Now are my life.Always lying in the

darkness,and always being crushed

by dishonesty of other people.

Moonlight and stars are my guide.

Shiny rope,and yellow light always

looking and reminding of him.

When noone's there,darkness always.

Giving me peace and memory of them

who dont belive in me.Reminding on

revenge.Reminding on pain.

I have to make it.I have to succeed.If

I dont they will be right saying im nobody.

I have to do my best.Always.Jealosy and

madness stearing in me when i do smtn good.

But I will always have him.For support and

love.My friend.When I die he'll be there,above

in the sky we will meet.And than...

Than I will be a happy child again,

than I will never be sad,and then

I will have alot of love..

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