bLOODY HARMONY:Two lost souls

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When you lose thing that kept you alive,you die.

Submitted: June 08, 2008

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Submitted: June 08, 2008



Walking in the dark alley,and thinking about life.

Walking silently hiding from your toughts.Suddenly

bright light appears in front of me and in that moment I

felt my heart beating fast in my throat.In front of my eyes,my life passed

quick.I saw everything my life consists of.My family,my love,my friends.

All that runned in my head,and passed faster than a blink of an eye.

Now Im lying on the ground,and crying.I touched my body,and felt big pain.

I was coverd in blood.That bright light was a car light.A man hit me,and ran away.

Ran quickly hiding from this night and crime.Dark alley now wasnt just a dark alley.

It was a terrible place where your nightmares come true.And now Im lying,suffering

crying,and thinking about death.Wgat if I die?What if I wont see my love never again.

Will I really die without telling him I love him?Soon I heard some noisy sound,and red lights.

Red as my blood.The ambulance was coming.I didnt hear well,but they were saying;poor girl,

she wont survive,just look at all that blood on the ground!!She lost it too much,we have to take

her to the hospital fast!!!!!!

And from that point I dont remember of nothing.In all this pain I forgot

my name.I dont know where I am or who's with me.Days were passing by,and I came out of coma.

It passed three months.Soo much time.Soo much,and I dodnt felt a thing.Nurse asked me how am I.

I had a headache,but it wasnt nothing serious.The doctor came,and I asked him where is my boyfriend.

He looked me sad awoyding answer.I asked him again.I wish i never asked that.I wish he didnt answered me.

I wish I that my life isnt so painfull.I wishes alot of things,but neither one of them didnt came true.He said that

after that terrible event wich happened to me police called him(my boyfriend)and he said he will come to the

hospital right away.While he was driving,and he drived fast,and desperate,a car run out in fron of him,and they

had an accident.The man who hithim ranned from crime scene.When I heard that I almost colapsed.I couldnt belive

thats true.I didnt wanted to belive.I asked him how is my boyf.,where is he?The doctor said he died immidiatley.

And that man who hit hit him was the same who hited me.Im dying from a pain.Dear God why is this happeneing?!

My tears were red like blood,and my heart became black as i night.I lost my love.I lost my everything.I wanna die!!!

I raned from hospitalin his house.I saw a picture of us while we were together.I almost fainted from all that heavy waight

who was choaking me in my throat,and all thoose tears i dropped.They were long and painfull.

All that nice time we had,and now...Now theres nothing!!He is dead.I am in a mess,and the man who

destroyed us,and caused so much pain and suffer is somwhere outthere living normal life,like nothing happened.He

ruined us!And he have to pay.But now...Now its too late.Theres nothing rescue anymore.My boyfriend,my love,my

happines,my reason for living is DEAD!Nooooooo!!!!Why?!!Why dear God?! My life has no sence without him.I have to

die.I will die.

I went in the kitchen grabbed one sharp shiny life,and looked at our picture,our memory for the last time.Goodby cruel world,

goodbye suffer!I stabbed my self in the heart an I fell down like a tear.Now I am dead.And he is dead.We are together in the

sky.Blue peaceful sky.We are sitting on the cloud together and watching eachter dying from happines.Hello my love,we meet

again,and this time noone will find us.Noone will separate us.NEVER AGAIN because now...Now we are just two lost souls.

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