Our litle world.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
This really happened.I was playing one game on Internet for 3 months.I find friends.Better friends i couldnt wish.They were great.I was in love in that game.That was our little world.I was so happy than.I had 3 boyfriends.But with one(Brooks)i liked him,and he liked me.His parents are killed,and he has noone,except one aunt.His life is sad.He liked to pay attention on him self.Sometimes he would say to me watch out,they are coming to get you,but there was noone,we all(his friends)were by his side,we didnt wanted to hur him saying hes imaginating things....We broke up coz someone said he called me a looser,but he said he didnt.So one boy said he wants to be with me,and even while i was with brooks,when we broke up,i was with that boy who asked me that every second.We were together 2.5 weeks.Then we brake up,coz i didnt wanted smtn...So than my pen friend came there too,and said he loves me,i was quiet,i didnt know what to say,coz i like him only like a friend,so my best best friend wich i know 3 months(Alberto)said he will pretend he is my boyfriend.I said ok.After that my pen friend said he was just joking...After he left...Than Alberto asked me do i wanna be his gf.I said yes.I was really IN LOVE with him.For the first time in my life.I taught him mylanguage,and he taughted me his.Coz our countryes are neighbours.We were together for 3 days,when that gamedbroke down,and i couldn't play it anymore.I even didnt say to him i love him,or bye when i last time saw him,coz my connection lost...I cryed every day.Im still crying.He misses me soo much,he and my friends.I love them all sooo much.First time i met 1 group of friends.really great.Then they all suddenly left thinking i wont come there anymore.I meet new friends,but this time i left them,and not they me.

Submitted: June 09, 2008

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Submitted: June 09, 2008



We lived there in the small world.Small world of imagination.There where our dream,

and hopes camed true.Where evil didnt exist.Where darkness was unknown word,and

where noone looked on life like death.There in that small island somwhere out there in

the blue sky.Somwhere out there where we were all friends.Somwhere where hate was

dead,and love was alive.There in that gamee of feelings and trust.There where I trusted

you.There where you lied to me.


There i had alot of friends.I had.Not anymore.They left.Left and leave me alone with noone.

But I moved on hoping in better tomorrow.And then I met them.Two vacky boys who liked me.

Two boys fighting around me.Both liked me.I didnt know.But then you come and you left me.

After all that that love.They said they'll kill you.I didnt let.They said they'll protect me.I didnt let.

You left leavng me.


You(Brooks) left with your guitar,with your 3 dreams,and with our friend archnee.That imginated pet you

had that day.That day when we were alone having "picnick"(We were sittning in the ground,and

pretending we are having picnick,but we didnt have)It was reall great,but now you leave me,and

he came.


New boy come(Shadow),we become friends.He wanted to be with me while I was with you,he hide that,

but now he revealed his secret,hoping i wil accept.And I did.Hoping i'll forget.We had nice time.He said he

will never leave me,but then he left too.He left,but he was still there(he brake up with me,but he still played that game),

looking at me everytime i pass by.Asking me do I have someone every time I was there.I said I will never have someone.

He asked why?I didnt wanted to answer,but it was because i still like him.He got mad,and went somwhere out there

in that island(the game was like some island floting in sky,where u can walk,chat,sit...).


Then my friend,my best friend(Alberto) wanted to ask me something,but he quit.He wanted to ask me that again tomorrow,

but he didnt.Then day after Max(my pen friend wich i know 5 months) came saying he loves me.I didnt know what to say.

Then Alberto said hell help me.He came saying hes my boyfriend(but he wasnt).Saying that and saving me the trouble to

hurt my friend Max who said that he loves me.When he heard that(when he heard Alberto saying im his girlfriend),he said he

was joking,but I didnt belive.He looked sad.


Then I went with Alberto.We were alone,and he said why wouldnt we be really

together,to see how would it go,if it wouldnt worked,we would be friends again.I said YES.He was sooooo happy.Can you

imagine?After 3 months of friendship we end up together.We were so happy.I loved him.Sooo much.We talked about

everything,he even got in a fight(in that game you could challange anyone to fight) with one of my friends thinking hes in love

with me.But he wasnt.He was just my friend.And he was 21 years old..Alberto didnt know that.He lost the fight.My friend won.

After that he said he's weak,and he's scared.Scared of loosing me.Scared i wont love him anymore because he lost the fight.

But I said i'll love him FOREVER.We were the happiest persons in the world.Something between us was strong,powerfull,magic.

Something called LOVE.And for the first tiem ever  I was really in love,and then...


Then his connection got lost and he logged out from the game.We even didnt say goodbye to eachoter,but its ok.I tought I'll see

him again tomorrow,so I went too.Tomorrow I turned my computer on,and tryed to play that game,but it didnt worked.My free trial

of 3 months ended.I almost fainted when I saw that.I wont see Alberto never again.Him,my love,my everything,my friends.I loved

them all so much.And I'll never again in my life talk to them,or see them.NEVER!\"\"


Now when me and him finally ended up together,after 3 months of  best friendship all crushed.Tears dropped like a river,eyes turned

black,and heart...Heart frozed.Frozed determent to never love again.And now,now I remember that last time we saw eachother we didnt say

bye,we didnt say I LOVE YOU BABY.I didnt say I love you.Please forgive me,where ever you are right now.Forgive me please!

Now I left someone.Now i hurted someone.But I cry every day remembering of him and me.He misses me so much.I still love him and I'll

never STOP LOVING him.NEVER!!I will love him till the end,till I turn to dust,till we die,till we meet again in the heavens.I'll always love him,

my SWEET LITLE Italyan Alberto.



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