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If you love someone,let them know.Coz you dont know where will life take you.Maybe death is on the way.Tell them you love them.Dont be afraid.They are waiting for YOU!

Submitted: June 13, 2008

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Submitted: June 13, 2008



If you love me please tell me.

If you hate me please tell me.

I want to know what you feel

for me.Because I cant continue

like this anymore.No more,ill go

down.Ill fall in the desperation,ill

go crazy of waiting.Please if you

love love me,wont you let me know?

If you hate me,wont  you let me know?

I know that you feel somthing,but....

I dont know what....Days are passing,

years are flying by....All go somwhere,

somwhere in the secrets.I'm still waiting.

Do you love me?Do you hate me?I cant

take it no more.Not anymore.Ill go down.

Ill fall in desperation,Ill go crazy from

waitning.One word.Please?


If you love me,wont you let me know?

Wont you?You love,I can feel it.You dont hate

me,I belive it.Years are passing,not a word

from you.Its came the cold December.Ill go now.

Somwhere in the dark,where you will never find me.

And Ill wait there.Wait till I'm gone down___________.

Plase come for me,remember of me.Of me.But you're

not here,you'll never come.Now Ill do one finall thing.

I'll let you know.I love you.I dont hate you.I let you know,

now its your turn to say something.But not a word from you yet.

Its cold down here,cold coz there's no love.I know now.

You obviusly hate me,but I dont.....I dont belive.I called you.

You answered.I said goodbye my love.You hate me,I love you,

now I know what to do.Ill go down.Deeper.Where you'll never find me.

I'm waitng the word.Please say it.Please?But no.Not a word from you____________________.

Ok,i guess now its ower.Yea,it is.Ill go.I let my self in the hand of God.I'm dying,

I wont fight anymore.Ill die.Im tired of waiting.No more.It was long and

dark  December.December Ill never forget.What do I hear?! I hear you.

You said the word.You said it,after all that time.Now.When Im almost dead listening

your breathing in the phone in here.You said I Love you!But now....No more love.Im

tired,im dead.Of waiting.My love Im down there in the Heaven sky.Youre up there.

I the world.Living.And crying for me.You are sorry now.So sorry youare.Now.When Im gone.

Forever gone.After all those years i went.You didnt let me know.You didnt.But now....

Just now you did.When I got tired.Of waitng.You cry and suffer so hard I did.

You know I loved you,but you didnt say a word to me.Like I love you too.

But when im dead you said it.I heard you weakly coz signal was no good.Down here

where you will never find me.LOVE is the word.LOVE.Let it know.To everyone!

If they are waiting like I did.Dont torcher them no more.Say the word.And save theyr soul.Please?

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