Together again

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This is about my life.In short:i was playing one game Dofus,for 3 months,i met alot of ppl.Had alot of friends,and a bf.I was happy.Then game broke down for 3 months.I tought ill never see them again.I was sad,crying every day,hating my life.Wanting to die.But now game is working,i saw him,explained what happened,we are together again,and happyly in love.

Submitted: June 17, 2008

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Submitted: June 17, 2008



Every single day i was thinking of him,

always always always.I decided to never

stop loving him that day.I decided to never

forget him that day.

It was hard when I tought Ill never see him again,

I cryed every day.Every single day I cryed coz I

tought ill never see him again.As days,weeks,

months were passing by,I was sadder and sader.

Thinking of him,hoping i will see him again,hoping

i will say:"I LOVE YOU"to him again,but my hope was

starting to bleach.I was less and less secured Ill see him,

My dreams were crushing into nothingness,my life become

numb,my willing for life stopped exist.

I changed since Im not seeing him,I changed alot,

I bebecame sad,dark,and scary.I become so different

than the time I could talk,walk and hang out with him.

Altough it was just in game,i could do that,but nvm,

as long as I can be with him,even it wasnt in real life.

I loved him so much,I still love him.But today I went to that

game to check is it working(coz it didnt worked for 2.5 months,and that's

how long i didnt talked with him),i entered and I could play.

I was thrilled.I almost had an heartattack from alll that happines.

I went there,I started to play,and first what I did was look

for him.I called him,and he answered asking:"IS THAT YOU?"

Yes,it was me,and it was him.I told him what happened,and he was

happy that my game is fixed now.He said he never stopped

loving me,and that I was the only one for him.We were together again!

I lost him,and now i found him again.He was there waiting for me.

My love.My sweet beautifull boyfriend.I cant describe with words

what I felt.And we were together again,but I had to go.I had to study.

We said goodbye,and love ya,and went.

He is my one and only one.He is my everything.I'm in love.

The world was terrible place to live in without him,but now

with him,its beautifull.Actually when i THINK AGAIN Im sad.

I will probably never see him in person,and we will be boyfriend

and girlfriend only trough the internet,but my world is black again.

But there is a litle ray of light in it.And that is him.My love.

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