Serects of Darkness

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Inside the castle there is certain things happening and no one is unsure why but specific people are trying to figure out what is causing these events

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011





Act 1 Scene  1


(Inside the Castle of Zenona there lies King Matsuta and Queen Otsune, also the Prince Takashi and the Blade Master Yami, )



Yami: Yami Takagi Jubei at your service milord


King: Thank you for coming Mr. Takagi I have a matter that I wish to discuss with you


Yami: and what would that be milord?


King: it appears that somewhere within our grounds there lies a traitor among us and I wish for you too eliminate him


Queen: (The queen looks at Yami with a certain look of suspicion) yes indeed a traitor who we think will cause harm to our kingdom


Prince: Yami?


Yami: Yes my prince?


Prince: tell me something, why have some of your men not been attending their daily castle duties?


Yami: ……………


Prince: no response? So what I’m saying to you is indeed true then?


Yami: yes your right but truthfully I’ve been busy with other matters involving the other capitals so I’ve left the watching of my officers with my sub leader Mayumi


King: So my son explain to me what you have noticed about the officers patrolling the quarters


Prince: Well I’ve noticed that one of them sleeping----!


Yami: That is not much of a serious issue perhaps he was tired from morning and night watch and didn’t bother to shift.


Prince: Let me finish!


Yami: forgive me my prince


Prince: now, as I was walking to the dining the room I noticed that another one of them was eating some particular food that I have not noticed before


Queen: food you say? Explain more


Prince: Well it was a glowing piece of food, if I remember it looks like an apple of some sort


King: Apple? (He turns to look at the west wing door)


Prince: yes…at first glance it appeared like an ordinary apple but after gazing at it for a good amount of time you notice a change in the fruit


Yami: (He thinks back and looks in the same direction that the king was looking at, then he looks at the queen) Interesting…


(Yami gets up from where he was and begins to walk away)


King: Mr. Takagi where are you headed?


Yami: I’m going to do some investigating on this situation if what the prince is saying is relevant then…. (Leaves)



King: Takashi what part of the castle did you see this apple?


Prince: The west wing father


King: I see Mr. Takagi is indeed sharp he knew what I was thinking


Queen: what do you mean my love?


King: I also noticed, there was a glowing light somewhere within the west wing and it bother me to some degree, I didn’t want to do a search as to what it is so I then walked back.


Queen: was fear stopping you?


King: No such thing, it would be much wiser if we left the situation to the blade master and let him handle it if anything more happens I will involve myself further


Queen: I understand


(Guard enters the room and knees before the three)


Queen: What is the matter?


Guard: Milady we bear a message from the lower quarter


Queen: Let me see it


(She takes the letter and opens it as she reads it eyes widen further within every sentence that her eyes track)


Prince: Mother what troubles you?

Queen: Nothing, I want you to have the blade master read this and have report there immediately.


Guard: as you wish (He takes a bow and leaves)



King: (He looks at the queen with confusion and then gets up from his throne chair)


Queen: Where are you going?


King: I’m going to take a walk and gain some fresh air


Queen: I see…I will head back to the bedroom, what will you do Takashi?


Prince: I shall stay here for anyone who happens to come up


Queen: Very well then


(Both the king and queen leave and prince stays to look out the windows of the throne room)




Act 1 Scene 2



(Yami was headed toward the west wing district until he noticed a couple of officers from his unit and the sub leader maiyumi)


Yami: Now where exactly did he see the officer? (He looks around and noticed maiyumi)


Maiyumi: Captain!


Yami: what is the matter Maiyumi?


Maiyumi: I’ve come in to bring a report


Yami: Very well let me hear it then


Maiyumi: Sir, apparently I’ve been walking around and noticed that some of ours units have been fatigued too some very high degree


Yami: Fatigue? What do you mean?


Maiyumi: well they very pale and unable to respond to some orders that I give them


Yami: hmm…


(A officer approaches the two of them salutes ready to give a report)


Officer A: Sub vice captain and Captain I don’t wish to interrupt but something has happened, am given permission to report?


Yami: Go ahead…


Officer A: Sir, we were doing a daily search of the quarters until we noticed the king was walking around with something in his hand


Maiyumi: Did you get a good visual as to what it is?


Officer A: Not really ma’am


Maiyumi: I see…. (She looks at Yami) So what do we do Captain?


Yami: Very well I want all units on stand-by I will go see what the king is currently up to do not engage in any activities understood?


Officer A: Sir! (The officer leaves)


Maiyumi: So what will you have me do? 


Yami: Your coming with me


(Both of them continue through the west wing and someone walks past them in the direction of the throne room)


(Inside the throne room the prince is still looking out the window until someone enters the room, it’s a person with a cloak covering their face and body)


Prince: Identify yourself immediately


???:  Tell me something Prince, your father he is indeed a good man am I correct?


Prince: Yes he is but you have yet to answer my question


???: in due time my good lord, in due time but listen well something is going to happen to this kingdom and its going to be up to someone who think is very loyal and close to save it


Prince: What do you mean? I’m growing tired of your mind games 


???: no such thing milord, but if mind games is what you wish then…….. I shall grant it but be warned I’m very good at it (giggles and looks at the Prince with one eye which glowed bright red)


Prince: (the prince looked at the eye with intimidation and grunted) Enough! Leave me be I don’t wish to converse with you any further!!


???: As you wish milord (the person bows and exits slowly)



(The Queen afterwards enters the throne and noticed prince)


Queen: Tell me something Takashi why do you look so troubled?


Prince: Its nothing mother, I’m going to the dining room to give myself food


Queen: Very well, if there is anything bothering you please let me know


(The prince gets up and leaves and the Queen sits down in her throne chair watching the front door)



Act 1 Scene 3



(The King was walking to the garden in the west wing and as he enters Yami was laying back on one of the trees in the garden)


King: Mr. Takagi what brings you to the garden? (He looks at him with curiosity)


Yami: ……Tell me something milord why do you grasp that object so hard?


King: ……



Yami: I don’t mean to rude milord but what is it that your holding?


King: It is a gold plate


Yami: Plate? (He stares at his arms and noticed the shine from the plate)


King: Indeed…it is called “Legend of the Benevolent Secret Goddess”


Yami: I see…but why hide it from everyone?


King: What do you mean? I’ve hid nothing from no one all I have done is kept in it safety where nothing will happen to it


Yami: But if that’s the case why bring it out now of all times? I don’t understand….


King: What else must you know?


Yami: Tell me something your majesty why do you not tell anyone about your leaving of the throne room?


King: What do you mean? I’ve told my wife and son


Yami: But the officers and the servants…


King: Something’s are better off not know do you understand? Besides as king shouldn’t I be allowed to do as I please?


Yami: Yes your right my apologizes (bows)


King: Is that all that you wish to discuss, if it is leave me be and continue on your business


Yami: Very well then I shall take my leave


(Yami walks out the garden and toward the throne room and Maiyumi appears behind him)


Yami: Did you get all of that?


Maiyumi: Yes sir.


Yami: Good let us proceed


(Both of them walk to the throne to speak to the prince)


(Inside the throne room the queen is sipping on tea and still watching the front door until somebody knocks)



Queen: You may enter


(The person that walks in is a man wearing much armor and his name is Shusaku)



Shusaku: Your highness you called for me?


Queen: Indeed I did now as for the reason why, you must listen well understand?


Shusaku: Yes your highness


Queen: Now you are indeed the my main personal guard and I have a task for you


Shusaku: What would that be milady?


Queen: Keep a sharp eye on the Blade Master, Yami Takagi Jubei


Shusaku: Has he done something wrong for such surveillance to be needed?


Queen: No I just feel he needs to be watched for his movements, you will do this for me will you? (Walks up to him and kisses his cheek)


Shusaku: Of course anything for you Milady


Queen: Do not start until after I’ve given the order understood?


Shusaku: Yes your highness (He takes a knee and leaves the throne)



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