left in the house

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in a small town resides a house of dark ominous power, few look at it and only the brave judge the mire contents of the inside.

Submitted: September 27, 2011

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Submitted: September 27, 2011



i live in this small town in arazona, my town has never been on the map. my high school has 5 kids in it, and out of the 5 kids i have one of them as my firend. i am 16 years old and my name is archie. i am 5 foot 2 inchs and have dark scruffy hair, i wear glases and hand me down cloths from when my dad was my age.sometime the fit and sometimes they dont. my family is not very welthy at all, in fact we live down the hill from the manistous mansion. i wont go near that place just thinking about it makes my bones quiver and my hair stand up, just talking about it makes me sweat in fear. the care taker mr.lock is even scary, i mean he has to be evil to go near, no even close to that place. well one evening i was out side playing dare ya with joe my friend from school, he has red hair and freckles and has a high pitched voice, and i dared him to ride his bike as fast as he could towrds the manistous mansion and turn around and come back, he first was oppossed by the idea but then i called him a chicken thinking he wouldnt do it, but to my suprise he sped off towrds it before i could say i was jokeing, as i watched in fear he started screaming and he was not slowing down. i jumped on my bike and went after him. when i got to the house there was bike parts everywhere, but he was no where to be seen. my mind started takeing off on ideas like zombies in the yard, or the house ate him, i looked at the ground and saw huge foot prints leading into the house, mr.lock most likely grabbed him and is feeding him to his pet beasts in there. then the hair on my neck stood up and a load scream came from within the devilish house, i knew it was joe. i had to do something, so i started creeping towrds the house i heard metalic noises, when i got to the giant porch over looking the enormous yard full of dirt and no life, i could make out faint mumbling of mr.lock, and faint weeping of joe. what if mr. lock is torchering him, or doing wierd expieraments on him. i steped on to the porch it was old wood crecky, paint peeling and a mixture of white and brown, the door was tall and old fashioned with a metalic silver skull on the door, the handle was worn and the mat in front was faded. i crept towrds the window and saw the shadow of mr. lock over a smaller shadow. oh no it was joe. i opened the door  fast and demanded mr lock let him go. when i opened my eyes he was putting a bandaid on joe and told us we needed to be more carefull. then i looked around and the inside of the house was nice and decoraited, and the sweet smell of cherry pie filled the room. from then on i was not afraid of the house, but i wont tell anyone except you that the secret is this house is not scary its a normal house and mr.lock is the niciest person i have ever me but you cant tell anyone either, if you do this house will huant you.

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