Break the Ice 3

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i published this poem on here and accidently screwed it up by trying to fix it. so i had to re type it and re publish it. so here it is. enjoy :)

Submitted: January 16, 2011

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Submitted: January 16, 2011



Its cold out here,

Winter has come,

I sit out in front of the lake with some rum,

The water is frozen,

Solid I see,

Nothing but dead and ice covered trees,

Without thinking I step onto the ice,

I slide gently across with some fright,

I struggle to stand,

My heart beats loud,

I fall on my stomach near the center of the land, 

I lay there terrified,

As the ice looks about to break,

Its cracking slowly,

I'm breathing hard,

I see the water beneath the hard,

I panic carefully,

Struggling to cry,

Then I hear someone call out my name and sigh,

Little girl how foolish you are,

They say it loud, They say it aloud,

I listen to that voice wondering who and why,

I turn my head slowly to see a man,

He grips tightly to a brick in his hand,

He counts to three slowly,

I make a prayer,

Then the brick hits the ice,

Sending me under with no air,

The water is freezing,

I cannot breath,

I  struggle to swim,

But I drown unfree,

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