My After Suicide Mental Murder

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he murdered me, but i comitted suicide, then i promise to make you suffer, that i do,

Submitted: January 17, 2011

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Submitted: January 17, 2011



If I die young...
Too late I'm already dead,
Suicide was the answer,
Nothing else read,
My life was ruined from the first kiss,
The lies you had,
But you I still miss,
The love we shared was lovely,
To bad only I could see,
But I was blind to the fact that you were murdering me,
Slowly with ease,
You murdered me by the ninth month,
I was mentally dead,
But as I write my letter to no one but me,
I take the silver blade, Then count to three,
I cutt my throat, Killing me fast,
Oh the papers read sorrow, But my Suicide was a blast,
Now that I'm dead, I'm supposed to feel free,
But instead I feel empty, And still cant breath,
Suicide is a lie, I realize it now,

I'm dead and empty, Wondering what to do,
I havent crossed over, And I wont allow you to,
I promise you that boo,
Your going to suffer with me, I guarantee that,
I'll make it so, That's a fact,
The night is young, So I take a stroll,
Down through memorie lane, Way on patrol,
I visit your home, Seeing how your taking my death,
My eyes light up like fire,
When I see her in your bed,
She is smiling, Your laughing, I should kill you now,
But lets just wait,
I'll get her instead, Then Show you how love hurts,
I killed her when she left, But you did not hurt,
The next night you had another girl,
I saw her blonde hair, I should have known that you would not have cared,
Your so heartless and cold,
You stole my heart, Then trashed it away, Becuz you got so bored,
I'm enraged even more, Pissed at yours lies and your persistance,
Wait til you die, I'll be waiting in the distance,
When you die baby, I will have my forever that I was promised,
I'll lock you away, You'll be mine forever,
But I promise you wont enjoy it, That I swear,
Die you lier, Without a prayer,

Dont feel bad for me, I'll kill you if you do,
Just feel sorrow for life, And happiness to,
Its all one big lie, Everything around,
Nothing really matters, Nothing makes a sound,

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