He Has My Heart!

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To the most amazing guy ever!

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



As i lay in my bed i let my mind wonder

You cross my mind as my heart grows fonder

I begin to wonder how i got so lucky to be with you

Sometimes i get lost in yours eyes so blue

No matter how i tried to push you away

You insisted you were here to stay


I must admit i figured you bail the first time things went wrong

But through it all you still havent said so long

You hold me when im scared and when i cry

When im with you for once i dont WANT to die

Whenever another scar adds to the collection of many

You still look at me as if there arent ANY


I dont know what you see in me that i seem to miss

But i grow more sure about us after every kiss

when you wrap your arms around me....

And smile at me for the world to see

When you rest your head on my shoulder

The chills i get almost make me colder


But id face that cold anyday just to be near you

Cus you give me something to look forward to

You make me feel like nothing can knock me down

I use to hide behind the tears of a clown

But you have made me realise i dont need to hide

No matter what im going through your still by my side


I never thought anyone would understand me like you do

I never thought anyone would even have a clue

Never even imagined someone would say its ok

Sometimes i wonder what your gonna say

Because i honestly dont know anyone like you

Who excepts me for who i am like you do


I can normally read a guy with in the first cheesy line

But when it comes to you i find myself searching for a sign

I never know what to exspect from you

Im puzzled by the things you do

but whatever you decide its your call

i Just hope im there to see it all

- <3 ur amazing baby!






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