Masochist Dream

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Im ot afraid to admit that im a major masochist i love the pain this ist exactly about a specific guy just a fansty of mine.

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



Kiss me hard, pushing me agaist the wall

Lift my legs around your waist cus your too tall

My nails dig into your back, yours up my tigh

The pain you cause hurts so good I wanna die

You pull my shirt off as im biting your lip

Your finger tracig and trailing down my hip

Takig my every breath away

My scratches make your knees give away

Fall on to the bed with me on top

we've come WAY too far to stop

No one has to a thing

Cus its just a random fling

I pull your shirt off and toss it

Digging my nails in your chest a bit

Your hand goes up my back and in my hair

Pulling so tight and I dont care

My head pulled back by your grip

You kiss me tugging on my lip

I think I start to taste blood

All over my body the pain starts to flood

God I love the way he hurts me

Because the pain is my excesty

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