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Dreams seem so real it can be scarry

Submitted: November 18, 2006

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Submitted: November 18, 2006



She wandered down the hall everything spinning into darkness her barely able to keep her balance, but to scared to stop walking. She felt as though if she stopped she would be lost in this hurricane of pain. With every step she took it seemed harder for her to breath. What was she to do but to think and hope. With a loud cry she fell to her knees and as she looked up there he was, his eyes as red as a pumping heart  and his face as pale as the moon. He smiled showing his gleaming fangs and yet she didnt move. "Soon we will meet." is all he said before sinking back into the darkness leaving her there wanting to follow but not able to.

Elana stared out the window watching the rain fall upon her fathers red pickup truck. She sat there in silence only to stare at her dad and then back at the rain. It had been about three years since she left Northbrooke  and she didnt even look forward to coming back. She was perfectically happy in Virginia living with her mom and her step dad who was such a great father, but this year her mom decided she should give her dad a chance and get to know him. Her mom left Northbrooke because of her dads job....(police officer  of the small town) which seemed so much more important to him than family. Ever since Elana and him have never been close but she was ready to give him a shot.
Tapping his fingers on the steeringwheel Deputy Adison looked at his daughter. "Umm...I've done some work on the house since you have been gone so you'll have to tell me what you think of the new set up." I looked back at him quickly plastering on  a fake smile, " I know i'll like it just fine you were always good at building things!" He smiled but I could tell he knew i was just trying to be nice.
Pulling up to the house was kind of a relief for Elana she hated being around her dad when he didn't want to talk or he was nervous. As soon as she stepped out of the car  struggeling to carry suitcases she noticed the house did look different but couldnt figure out what was so different about it. Inside it was warm and smelled of oranges(her dads favorite) and everything looked as if it had never seen a mop or broom in a long time. It would take some getting used to. "Just follow me upstairs and i'll show you your room." Obediently and half excitedly I followed him up the spiral mahogany staircase.
My room was at the end of the hall and outside the window was a view of the front yard and main road. The room was dusty and on the desk in the corner cluttered but none the less it was a nice place. Without saying another word he set my suitcases and other belongings down and left me to adjust and unpack. I hated unpacking because it seemed to make things look more permanent. "First things first this place needs some light," dust came flying out of the heavy curtains nearly choking me as i tried to open the balcany door. "Okay maybe this place needs more than some light.....it needs dusting too,'' i mumbles to myself.




well ill have more soon im tired though

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