Guys Like You

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Being in a bad relationship makes you weak its getting out of it that makes you that much stronger

Submitted: November 19, 2006

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Submitted: November 19, 2006




The day i met you my heart skipped a beat, you were all i thought about. You were the one and only, that is until...........until that day, the day you ripped my heart into a million tiny pieces and like the fool i was, i still loved you with every broken piece.

Have you ever heard the saying things aren't always what they seem? I have and learned it to be true. It's funny how love works isn't it? You think your so called true love it pure and forever lasting until that person turns around and does something so painfull, so unpredictible you feel like curling up and dieing right there. Then you realize something, your so called true love was never true........just think all those i love you's and kisses all lies uttered between poison filled lips, all those good times together meaningless! You promised you would never hurt me but promises must mean about as much to you as a piece of paper you crumbel up to throw away!!!!

Well, time has passed and we are over. THe physical bruises and cuts are gone but its the emotional ones that remain covering my body. Will we every truely be over? Because you see its guys like you who make me look over my shoulder walking down familiar streets. Its guys like you who make me double check already locked windows and doors, and its guys like you who make it hard for me to trust not only myself but those who really do love me. But yet i thank you for so much you have given me. Your abuse made me smarted, your poison filled words made me wiser too. And i have finally realized that in the end it wont be me who is will be you and all guys like you!

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