Mask Of Lies

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When it comes to telling the truth why is it harder for the one recieving the lie than it is for the one saying it?

Submitted: November 19, 2006

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Submitted: November 19, 2006




Your smile had once brought light to my dark world ,
A hand on my shoulder, yet still i was alone.
Tangled confusion, a place i couldn't see through
fog dense and everlasting, stood between you and I
To see what lay in your soul, was not something i could do
i would ask myself
Truth, is that real, is that what you speak?
Or are you feeding me a lie? You have taken me all of me
you pulled me in through your poisoned words and spoke
me through your lies........i was all your's
But i take me back atleast whats left because i can't seem to find all of me, you have power over my heart,
i feel for you...........................i cry for you
you bruised my soul
but bruises heal, time is the key
I need to know this
was love
was care
was truth and compassion
was any of this given
or was it all a mask
worn by a lie?

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