Always There

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

It seems like she's been running for so long but it seems like you can't actually run forever.

Footsteps like a chorus of evil, pattered behind her. She couldn’t run fast enough, couldn’t escape the horror that lurked behind her. There was no love in this world, not anymore and not for her. She was unwanted, undesired and now she was doomed. Yet and still however, she fled. Knowing that it was hopeless-that there was nothing in this world that could save her, she fled as though there were demons at her heals not her own mortality, seeking to eat her up and destroy her until it was as though she had never existed.

She bumped into ghostly memories within her mind. Memories of joy and pain but she shoved them all aside as though cutting her ties in preparation for what she was slowly beginning to accept as unavoidable. She then tried to hope- even though there was no hope and she knew that; so maybe she wasn’t so hopeful after all. She focused on trying to run. She gave her all, fleeing down that endless tunnel away from the light, away from Death. But she couldn’t run forever, her lungs burned with an inability to breath. Her legs ached and her bare feet bled. Her arms were numb and her ears rang with a cacophony of white noise. Her auburn hair trailed out behind her with the wind. The cold, harsh wind of oncoming Death, and she fled this Death until she could flee no more and when she couldn't flee anymore she didn’t stop, she didn’t falter, she collapsed. It was as though she had hit a wall so abrupt was her stop and fall to her knees.

She became the very picture of vulnerability then-tears laced her lashes, fear shined within her eyes, and her chest was practically spasming with the effort of trying to catch her breath.

There, collapsed on the icy unyielding ground she didn’t say a word as she looked at Death, who had been on her heals this entire time, mocking her with the negligible distance that had always stood between him and his prey. He could have caught her at any moment, had merely been playing with her this entire time and she had known that. Or at least as she stared into the merciless face of Death she felt like she should have known that. She wondered, as she stared why she had ever fled this being that had been haunting and hunting her. Why had she been so afraid of it? Calling it hideous and heinous, ugly and cruel, when Death had turned out to be such a beautiful thing- now that she was faced with it at least. As immortal as she was mortal, Death would always be there and had always been there. Always waiting in the shadows and in the light, Death was everywhere and in her terror fleeing from Death she had never realized that it hadn’t really been chasing her. She had been running rather from her own fear and that death, Death had been there all along. So patient, he'd waited for to accept the inevitable, the unavoidable. Death knew all and Death was here, waiting for her to stop being afraid so that she could go into to the Netherworld with him, hand in hand with her own fate. If only she would accept it.

Death's silent peaceful countenance stared down on her, waiting so close she could feel the gentleness of his breath. It would take only a moment, Death seemed to promise silently, just a moment to give in and kiss this lovely monster before her. A simple kiss was all it would take and then she would be lost to Life. Unreachable. Then Death could move on, to the next soul, the next being and she would be free of him following her, always there- always waiting. She stared up at him, her chest seizing, her auburn hair falling back from a face that was growing paler by the moment, he was crouched there before her- his hand reaching out to her, asking that she only falter a moment. Give in for a moment, take my hand and it will all be over. The running. The fear. The terror. A moment could end it all.

At last she gave in, her pale slender wrist extending to grasp his cold dead hand and as he pulled her to her feet, her emerald eyes closed for the final time as her lips brushed with Death. Her lips brushed his and she received a kiss to end a lifetime.

She collapsed onto the cold empty ground of a dead mind. This time never to rise.

Submitted: August 21, 2015

© Copyright 2022 DarkAngelLeo. All rights reserved.

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Love it. Death feels so... merciful. He's waiting for her to make the call and that's rather awesome.

Fri, August 21st, 2015 2:46am


Thanks glad you enjoyed it!

Thu, August 20th, 2015 8:40pm

JD Adson

Beautiful story! I love it!

Wed, August 26th, 2015 1:37am

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