The House Upon the Hill

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Tristan can't get to sleep at night. Something lurks on the bottom bunk in his new room. Can he appease the demonic terror that has settled in his bedroom? Or will the darkness eat him whole?

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



" Mum!" I shouted down the stairs. No reply. I tried again. "MUM!" 

I heard a sigh.

"What is it now?" She sounded stressed. After all, I had kept her up all night with my horrific dreams. In each dream, I was asleep, in the same bed, but i could sense the prescence of another being in the room with me. As always, I would turn my head away from the wall, hoping to see the comfort of my mother's dreary face, but, as always, he would be standing there, peering over the top of the bunk, his evil face just inches from mine. And as always, I would wake up screaming for my mother.

"I can't keep doing this Tristan, you're fourteen for Christ's sake!"

I scowled at the floor as I always do when being proven wrong. I just felt like screaming in her face to kill me now, so that this demonic spirit would leave me be. But I couldn't. She was my mother.

So I just sat there, lapping it up, my ears already sick of her voice. Until he spoke.

"You know she's lying" it crooned in my ear, "You know she's wrong. I will be here for the rest of your petty little life, taunting you, until it turns your brain into mashed potatoes, and your hands melt like hot wax. I will be here. You shan't escape my grasp"

With that, I growled and yanked the duvet over my head. My mother just sighed again, and left the room. Before she left ,she said in a harsh tone,

"I don't know what you're afraid of Tristan, there's nothing wrong with this room. Just please, for my boss' sake, try to get to sleep!" After that, she left the room. All of a sudden, I felt alone again, and wished that he would go away. Just for tonight, so that I could run away tomorrow.

I screwed my eyes shut so tight that I could see patterns and sparkles in my eyelids. 

I was just about to settle down and drift off, when I heard the familiar raspy sound of his breathing. My eyes started to water, and the hairs on the back of my neck raised. I breathed deep breaths, trying to calm myself, telling myself it was only a dream. Hang on. My eyes were open. My heart thudded in my throat as I realized that it wasnt a dream. He really was here. Terrible thoughts flooded into my mind. What was he going to do? I'd never seen him or heard him other than in my dreams. My heart pounded. I could hear his footsteps, slow and laboured, dragging towards my bunk. I was about to scream, but it caught in my throat. I hugged my duvet tighter, wishing for the end to come quick.

"Tristan..." He gasped. "Look at me. It's rude to ignore your own father."

Then, something in my mind told me too look. I resisted for a few seconds, but the urge to look in my father's dead eyes was to much. I slowly craned my head round, to stare into those lifeless black holes. Badmistake

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