At Last...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Another poem for you to enjoy and critique.

At Last…


Living through the bliss of ignorance and laughter,

Living for each moment, not caring what comes after.

With resolute faith in the integrity of others,

Warm in your blankets, an illusory cover.

Love to give and Love to live,

Quick to forget and quick to forgive.

Lost in the haze of sheer joy and rapture,

Moments which all strive to recapture.

Never fearing failure and looking straight ahead,

Replacing misery with Hope instead.

With never a shred of doubt we go,

Unaware of what we do not know.


For now we are confronted with uncertainty,

Despairing in our own inability.

To do what we must, to do what is right,

Peering at the future, and jumping back in fright.

For nothing was what we had thought it to be,

To be clapped in chains, and never set free.

What does this chain mean for you? You wonder,

And can they ever be torn asunder?

No, for these chains link you and me,

With unbreakable bonds of responsibility.


Chains of the mind now flesh and bone,

Shows how much you have really grown.

Now part of what you are,

Now painless, perfect, without a mar.

You walk with your head held up high,

The shades of nightmares now pass you by.

You walk with a confident, unerring grace,

Master of yourself, setting your own pace.

The world is in your palms, your oyster,

You the pearl, the priceless treasure.


The radiant Pearl begins to lose its luster,

Its steady luminance begins to fluster.

As Time moves on, all things must fade,

Time to end this needless façade.

Fading away amongst all who care,

Your chains break away, vanishing in thin air.

Suddenly the world flares and burns with Life,

While you slip away… away with the Scythe.

Though your Time seemed to come fast,

Your Life has come to its end.


At Last…

Submitted: February 06, 2009

© Copyright 2020 DarkCrescent. All rights reserved.

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