In Light and Shadow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
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Submitted: February 06, 2009

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Submitted: February 06, 2009



In Light and Shadow...

In the Darkness, quickly you'll find,
There's something following, creeping up from behind.
Into the Abyss, those bottomless depths,
Your courage has fled, gone, bereft.
Hide from your fears, from that hate-filled glare,
Wherever you go, it'll always be there.
Be afraid, very afraid, feel the fear,
For you shall lose everything you once held dear.
You're stranded, dark and alone in the Abyss,
Waiting, dreading, for Death's last kiss...
Fear is your Master, wearing you as its crown,
With you now and forever, forever and now...
Fear strips away all, leaving you hollow and dead,
No more courage, leaving things left unsaid.

But into the Light, now you see,
That not everything was what you thought it to be


In the Darkness quickly you'll find,
That fear is nothing but a trick of the mind.
Into the Abyss, those bottomless depths,
Your courage is gone, there's nothing left.
Confront your fears, if you dare,
If you look you'll find there's nothing there.
Why be afraid of what was never here,
No need to look at what horror draws near.
For you see, it does not exist,
Pierce the illusion, like a fading mist.
Fear is a burden, dragging you down,
Under the water, it's making you drown.
Clear your mind and look straight ahead,
Ignore the fears that bow your head.


Walk into the Light, without uncertainty,
And be all the things you know you can be...
Rejoice in life, in all its vibrant splendour,
Triumph over fear, make it surrender.
But fear is eternal, it cannot be discouraged,
For without fear, there cannot be courage.
Light and Shadow entwined are one,
Needing each other, like the Moon and Sun.

Forever in balance, in perfect harmony,
'Till the end of Time, that is their Destiny...

© Copyright 2020 DarkCrescent. All rights reserved.

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