If you were to die tomorrow

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A poem I wrote while missing someone I love.

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



If you were to die tomorrow, my eyes would never be bright again;

the blues would become blackened, from the many tears I should shed;

My laughter turned to sorrow, my mind turned to dust,

because every thing I would remember about you, would never become rust;

Words upon words, lies on top of lies,

I would be forever lost, without you by my side;

Partners in crime, always supporting you through the times,

I would have nothing to live for, if your soul were to slip away through that door;

Anger would fill me, taking over my heart,

Depression would become me, leaving this world torn apart;

I cannot explain, why I feel this way,

But when my life is in turmoil, you save me every day;

While on the verge, of destroying my worthless life,

You help carry my cross, you risk suffering my strife;

You have always been there, when I have needed you,

You can always count on me, to have your back too;

Just as there is bright shining dew, smiting a blade of spring grass,

I am rest assured you'll keep me in line, broadly kicking me in my ass;

Never to fear, you are always standing tall,

Forever near, with me to sustain it all;

Pressure brews on, about to release the built up steam,

You kindly stand there smiling, offering a pillow for me to scream;

So if you were to die tomorrow, please know this one thing,

I would attempt to stand strong, awaiting God to also give me an end-of-life ring;

Only then, would I be secure,

In the idea, eternity, we would endure.

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