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Because shes Perfect

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



I have a great family,

I live in a big house

I always have money and friends and clothes.

 Schools always easy,

I never get bullied.

Not one person hates me.

Im the one they all love.

Im pretty and smart ,

And I have the  best body.

I never stop smiling

My laugh fills the air.

I wear the best clothes

Have the latest style hair.

My skin is so flawless

Not a mark on my cheek.

Im always the one his parents

And family have wanted him to meet.

I can go to the parties

Or anywhere I want.



See that’s why you picked her,

That confidence she has.

This is what she thinks.

Not a flaw does she have.


I mean everyone loves her,

So why shouldn’t you?

But see she wont love you,

Like im willing to.

But instead im just your bestfriend,

Just one of the boys.

You don’t know how I feel.

That when your staring at her,

Im stuck staring at you.

I know all your secrets

And iv seen all your flaws.


Instead of holding you tonight

Ill be sitting on my bed,

Crying into my pillow

While my arms turn red.

And I get lost in you.

See she wont ever fucking love him,

 the way I once did.

But see shes perfect,

 like the way I find him.

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