please save me from tonight

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left alone.

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Submitted: April 23, 2013



I watched as you fell apart.

every time i would pick up the pieces.

Everyday it was soomething new.

A boy. Your Mom. Your Dad.

you told me you felt alone.

told me you wanted to die.


Everyday you would hand me your issues,

not once asking if i was okay.

you didnt see my smile slipping,

or you didnt know it wasnt for you.


you couldnt hear my screams,

you never saw me cry,

you never once heard the words they said.

not once did you see my bruised face.

always asking why my jumpers suited me,

never asking of underneath.


i spoke up in desperation,

you told me you couldnt handle it.

you were to happyy for my mood.

you left me alone to dwell in my thoughts.

you were finally having a good day.


You never saw me cry,

until i fell apart

even then it was just a mood,

who was i to complain,

i wasnt you.


You called  that night calling me selfish,

after all that you had done.

you told me how youd always been there,

and always cared for me.

told me it was over

you were finally done.


then no one saw my sadness,

and no one saw my fears.

no one slept my nightmares.

and no one held me close


i was left with nothing,

because i was a selfish girl,

the jumpers turned to pants

sadness finall won.


it wasnt that i didnt want you,

it was that you never knew,

you never saw me crying.

you never asked me if i was okay.


But you gave a speech at my funeral,

about how i always cared,

i had always listened.

You couldnt understand.


in my goodbye i wrote,

i loved the grass, the sand the birds

i loved the wind, and the words you wrote

but your words wernt for me.


see, no one  ever cared

no one heard my screams

no one saw my sadness

or the bruises on my cheek,

see you could of saved me.

instead you saved youre self.

see baby i forgive you,



but you wont....






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