Aurora of art

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Aurora of art poem

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012




Aurora, Aurora, where can I found that buety of sky,

your colors are a msytery, as your movement to hide,

your a true master, of the art and me.

You can be so inpredictable, and yet so charming,

how do you do it?, my Aurora of sail.

When I see you, it looks like you belong with them,

nature and trees, what a buetifull combination of men.

I was searching to long, but now I found you,

on the polar side of the world, where the night lives the longest,

and the day folows, where the magic happens when we go to sleep,

where is no disturbence in the air, only Auroras are dancing, together

with mist they provoke us with thier buety, an knowledge and thurst,

they are trully masters of the art and sky, they could be our teachers,

they can truly draw, on the plate of the sky, on the plate of my world.

Draw what you like,Auroras of art, draw somthing new,

that my heart didnt feel, for so long.

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