Charlies path

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Submitted: June 19, 2010

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Submitted: June 19, 2010




We justwant to know if the Charlie is gona die,we dont have conclusions if they gona cry,

for the love of angels they will never obey,they will gona prey but i dont think its gonna rain,

for the angels that never cares the human work,in the land of nothingnes and the time whos

carelles. Now the Charlie is above,he is mouning to hes sint,hes hoping to get passed throught the

gates of heaven, like the human who will never charish the reason,why is he in heaven.

He is very confusid why is he in good place and not in really shatred space,where he deserves

to stay to the rest of the time and poter.

Grim Reaper: God why is he in heaven,doeasnt he have a tremble to Fear,off of you?

God:Whell grim,i think that he will learn from hes mistakes,and not tremble before my heaven,

when he sees his heart of pure soul,i can feal it,he just needs some more time to overcomet.

Grim Reaper: I see God,wheel shall be it,im taking him right now to the heaven,and when he will see it ,

he will cry like a baby who fall from the sky(in knowing that we will become better soul)

Grim: Does the Charlie will apear again in the life?

God: He will,he will apear like a baby who lived 6 months and died in car accident.

Grim: Why so?

God: Because hes soul is not ready yet toovercome hes fears off of him.

Grim: Whell,let the light be with you God,i am going now to do my job,goodbye old freind.

God: Goodbye.


by darkism

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