Colors of the galaxys and me

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Its a mixture with in the poem and the message.
I rather think its quite funny and silly :ss

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011




Our personality, is the same as the planets and stars,
they have there own plan, on how to evolve and how to
grow,as we.

 So you see, if your ask yourself, how must i act
or what i must do?.

Its quite simple, just look up on the stars
and the answer will amerge to you.
Be who you are, and do what is in your mind,
because not all people have the same faith as stars.

Its true that we will all die in the end, but atleast we have the
ability to do somthing with our lifes.

And i rather think that when we are emotional, the emotional is our galaxy,
and when we are angry within our body, that is the same structure as our
universe, than supernova are emerging,and galaxys are colapsing and mixing, so
that way they  show us so much colors of there light, as the colors of my feelings inside.
So please mix more of its colors, because im dieying to see, on what colors
we would be, if we revaile it to the hole universe to see, that we are quite
special, and not just a tool to breede.

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