Confessions tray

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Confessions tray poetry

Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012




How is funny and strange to see,
an older person infront of me,
It doesnt have to be real, just a picture, mybe feel?
How the time is so short,
how we envy to those who are young,
Maybe we dont speak it out loud,
But in our minds we sometimes show,
Some thoughts that might be wrong,When Im young I feel old,
and when Im old, I want to feel young again,
But In between of those lines, the time just pass us by.
Its odd and its strange, how the time doesnt speak,
Only silent is awake, to those who starts to wipe,
I almost didnt hear, what the time is trying to say,
Just lost words somewhere, where I cant properly see,
Where is this time? hidden?, or isnt, infront of me?,
WOW!, thats a funny world that Im living,
even my only freind is leaving me behind,
But I guess, I should if known from the start,
the game of the holy god. I might have been blinded ,
I might have been wrong, all of this years that Ive thought,
That the time,is my holy god,but yet the time is silent,
and the god is still above,Only I can set myself free,
by the thoughts, whom they can truly feel,
That the world will always be open,
somewhere outhere, to the people they love.
But I will be here just briefly,
like a breeze who is blowing gently,
I am just a passenger, who is lost in the time,
Who could be really up for some guidence and shrine,
When I can clearly remember, that they truly have it,
In the holy ground of earth,
I am trully thurty, of the compashion that they show.
Time will aways be my freind, not matter what I say or do,
It will always be with me, until I pass to that day,
When all of this will be just a memory,
Only the breeze through the air,Will still stay.

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