Dark Jenny

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Dark Jenny poem

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012




Hello mortals, my name is Jenny, and by the name of my mind, I shall rise,

my thoughts are everyting, they are my all, they are the fuel, that cant fall.

without it, im dark, without it, I cant love, the smile and joy, birthly inside my thought,

everything starts with an sheel, eggs or humans, air or spirits, they have inside, the joy or spark,

that runs the world,without the dark, if you took one of them, than the one side cant fall,

You fall ither way, but only without the dark, you could say, im proud of me, and my life, I wouldnt change it for nothing,

but in the darkside, you allready think, what could be diffrent, that you might bring, but thats only illusion,

you see, the darkness cant tell you , what you want to hear, only you, without interfering the dark,

you are light, and one part is dark, together you can live, if one of them decides to give in, who will it be,

spark, or the dark, you are greater than any dark, but only the mind, teels it how enough, mybe little, mybe noone,

but you in reallity are better than they are. See the life, see youself, see realiity benith your sheels, they are buetty they are alive,

so join them together in the world of night.

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