Dead contract

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Dead contract..shorty story

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010




Im dead because of you,and very confused of my place,
its seemd that im in hell, i whisper my self in my face
than i meet the Grim,who the face was happy of joy to see me,
because he was lonely and careles of the poeple who didnt chase him.
we were talkling for cuple of years,than we made a decision.
i dont know why i signed the contract really,
my mother always sad that we dont make freinds with an enemy,
but i didnt have an option,i was pushed in the corner,
and he squeze every qestion of me,
he sad that i will live longer and more cheaper afterwords
i closed my eyes,and in the hope, i was searching for the answer
in my mind,but i didnt get it,so i pound for a liitle more in the cave
until i colapse and starting to mumble of my past,
15 min pases like a breeze thrue the air,
i felt so refreshing,so i lay down,and slowly a started to
fall in the deep sleep of emotions
When i wake up,i didnt feelt my body,it was like.... DEAT!!!!


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