Dr.Personality conclusion

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Submitted: August 04, 2010

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Submitted: August 04, 2010




The Dr.Personalitys conclusion about the patianc problem:

The human is defaind by hes emotions,some say
that the human coud not change hes personality the way he please,
by the rage of hes guidence is very difficult to determen,
the stage of hes emotion that is flowting thrue hes mind.
However,it can be obstain in the short ameter of time,by thinking of somthing
positive,for example,your first kiss of a girl,or else.
the way of your personality is very diffrend of the way that you want it to be,
it can be a guidence from your parents or the person that your talking with,
but if you want to guid your own self, you must be confident in yourself,if your not ,the
dettarmionation will increase rapidly and your be traped in the fears of your mind.
And that can be really decieving for your partner.Lets dont make him in knowing that
we are the person that we dont want to be,or else we would lose the person that we love so
much and yet we couldnt controol our personality if we are in doubt about our selfs.

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