Hi, my name is Josepf Jerkinson

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Hi, my name is Josepf Jerkinson poem

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012




What could you truly say to me, without interfering your feel,

what could be truly great?, in this world that I hate,

what is so special?, in your words of laughter,

why are you pushing me away?, cant you sense my pain of me?,

why is the world so strange?, without the presence of our rase,

why Im I typing this?, havent I noticed none of people here,

Im alone, and confuised, what is my perpose?, what are the ruls?.

If I brake one of them, what if he loves me, as I am, why must I change,

what I must become , to accept myself, to accept my word.

Why we are so many, and yet I cant talk, to any of you, without my comfort in zone,

I am afraid, and want to heal, heal of this addiction, that cant set me free,

Please help me, if someone is reading this poem, please help me,

beacuse I cant live like this, anymore.




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