i can not...

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i can not...

Submitted: August 03, 2010

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Submitted: August 03, 2010




I can not die ,want to try, i can not die tell me why?
It is because i live in time in which the darknes will
provide the stream of my emotions,flowting in tin ear
trying to reach the middle spear in the space of no return,
or in the mind of my blur.
Sliping away so slowly that i can not reach the deept of
the surface who is rugged of the sick emotions that people
shaped in there sick and twisted faith, but the path will end
some day even if it means to wait,i have the time in the world
i have myself in the blur.
Is just mather of time in which the world will suck me in it,
and i will feel so pain that my eyes will burst from shame,
that i didnt live one more day so i can remind myself on
how it should be played,the little life of me made in the twurl
game of the gods childhood play,or that i heard.

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