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Submitted: June 26, 2010

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Submitted: June 26, 2010




What is life,living?. Have you ever questioned about it?.

Why we are born,what perpose is that we live?,when we all gonna die in time.

Is this mybe somekind of test,or just sense of reallity whos guided by cold planets and stars.

I think that the people and planets or somekind connected,in the way of there structure.

You probably allready know that the stuff around us are build by atoms. Example:. living things,planets,...

The life on earth is practicly inevidable by hes givin condition,which provides us: sun,water,oxqgen,..

Thats how the living organizems are build,which they adebt the living condicion.

There task is simply live and die,

in which is the living time of that person comided by disease or enemy.

My task is a little more complicated,in which i wonna determan our sense of creation,in where you probably

guess that is imposible.

Our creation was of extinctionof the dinosours,in which of the logic of the Gods wasnt any reason to keep them in life anymore,

thats why he created the human,in which they had a own personallity and self thinknes of there world,in where the life

gets more instresting for us.

You allready know that some of the living things havent the option of self awernes, just instinct. Like: birds,snakes..

in which there livingnes is powerd by automatic reaction of there appearnes and not the logical one.

But in the end when we put the line,we face same path as any other living thing and that is death,in which

you want it or not,it awaits us behind the door,and the question is, when we will get tired of life and inevidable doors

in which they stay infront of our noses will open?.

I will wait a bit more in the case of the opening door issue,because i think that the person who is awaitting behind that door,

hasnt the plan to see me for a while,until i figure the meaning of hes personality,which he awaits to be reveald,

because even death has own feelings or not? xD

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