Lonely cloud

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Lonely cloud poem

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012




At the moment Im a lonly cloud, sailing with the motion of my heart,

I feel so lonely so my mood starts to change, being alone, so that noone can face,

my fears of me, the world who surrounds me,

at this moment I feel ok, because Im not facing any fears today,

but none or less, I must move forward, to the path of the other clouds of my kind,

because In the mass there is power of us, when we move together with one motion that we could trust,

all the clouds surrounding me, because I know they are my elias, and Im there cloud, we are a part of the puzzle,

noone could brake down, be a part of a team, it doesnt matter where or when, only matters the comitment

that you put on yourself, be a part of the people, that will make you sense, the part of community, that will move you

where you want, on the paths of the gold, on the paths of your own, be a part of the system, where you can truly say,

Im the one cloud part of many, together we are stronger as any, togheter we move forward, forward to truly live,

our lifes, at the fullest, forward to the path where leads our enemys clouless, how could they achieve so much,

when we are lonely and best, but they dont understand that in the mass, there is the power, in the mass you can only relay,

relay on your instincs and freands, and they will do the same, same as the clouds who are moving with one heart.

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